Gold: Back to Money World (II)

Gold: Back to Money World (II)

Part I

Lies about Muammar Gaddafi

The Muammar Gaddafi’s gold dinar is the best example of an attempt to make gold an instrument of payments in international trade. The Libyan leader led the efforts to maneuvering away from the dollar and the euro as the only means of international payments. He called upon the Arab-African world to switch over to a single currency – the gold dinar. According to the Colonel’s plans, the measure would constitute a basis for creating a unified state with mixed Arab-Black African population of 200 million. Many developing states supported the idea of Africa’s unification into a single federate state based on a single currency backed up by gold. It was met with repugnance by the United States and some Western nations. No matter how hard they tried to talk him out of it, Gaddafi was adamant. He continued to take new steps to create the unified Africa and introduce the gold dinar. There are two interpretations of the reasons behind the military intervention against Libya – the defense of human rights and the desire to grab the Gaddafi’s oil. Both are wrong. The real reason is the fact, that Colonel Gaddafi was brave enough to follow the example of General De Gaulle. He tried to bring into life the idea of getting away from paper money in favor of gold standard. By doing so he threatened the owners of printing press or, in other words, the major share owners of the private company under the name of the US Federal Reserve System… 

Some states adopt gold for international payments on their own. Usually it is used for smuggling or dark operations. Nepal sets an example; it gets two thirds of its imports from the neighboring India. Gold is used for payments. Partially Nepalese vendors get it from local banks (around 15 kg per day). Another source of gold is the neighboring China. It’s cheaper there in comparison to what it costs in India (4.80 rupee per compared to 5.05 in India). In this case the use of gold is explained by the desire to get profit taking advantage of the difference in golf prices. There are also other reasons for cutting off some states from world trade. Iran is the best example; the West has imposed economic sanctions against it, including the ban on export-import banking transactions freezing the country out of world financial system. As a result, the neighboring Turkey shifted to gold payments for the natural gas imported from Iran. According to the Wall Street Journal Europe, the outflow of gold, measured in billions of dollars, from Turkey is a result of gas payments for Iranian gas… The shift of both countries to gold payments for gas is a result of the sanctions imposed by the United States, which threatens to get tough towards other states using dollar payments for trade with Iran. Gold payments will allow Ankara to avoid the «punishment» from Washington. During the first nine months of 2012 the outflow of gold from Turkey reached record high $10.7 billion, Iran received gold for the sum of $6.4 billion. 

Secret war for gold, or the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds

At first glance, some world events seem to be occasional and have nothing in common. In reality they always reflect the ongoing fight behind the scenes between different groups inside the world financial oligarchy. On the whole, they could be divided into two large camps: 1) those, who defend the existing status quo in the world, or the circulation of paper money, where the US dollar plays the leading part without any back-up; 2) the supporters of idea to get back to gold standards. 

The first camp comprises the owners (major shareholders) of printing press – the United States Federal Reserve System and associated banks (which belong to the very same shareholders of the Federal Reserve System). They are the privileged recipients of paper production. Gold is seen as a dangerous competitor putting the dollar in jeopardy. Those, who belong to the group, will do their best to prolong the life of printing press, including provocation of a major war if need be. First of all, the group is represented by the clan of Rockefellers. There are also some clans of lesser fame. Aside from the Federal Reserve System’s printing press, they all exercise control over the world market of «black gold» and the US military-industrial complex. 

The second camp of gold standard supporters is a motley crew of much broader representation. It includes part of world financial oligarchy, which is not so closely connected to the US Federal Reserve System. It has significant gold reserves at its disposal and exercises control over extraction and production of yellow metal. It is ready to eliminate the printing press in favor of gold standard. The group is mainly associated with the clan of Rothschilds and some smaller clans, which to large extent are drawn to Europe. It should be noted, that the dollar system has discredited itself to the extent the world «gold» oligarchy sees no glitches on the way of recruiting supporters from all walks of life, so it enjoys a broad social base throughout the whole world. Suffice it to remember, the Occupy Wall Street movement, is, in essence, not targeted against the Wall Street banks only, but against the US Federal Reserve System as well, the agency which serves as the bulwark and rear base of the Rockefellers empire. 

The Rothschilds are behind numerous initiatives aimed at legalization of gold as currency metal. But any attack launched by the Rotshields is fought back by the Rockefellers. It’s kind of a seesaw battle at the «gold front», a ding-dong tug-of-war between the Rotshields and the Rockefellers. Now, let’s look more attentively at Switzerland. The battle started two years ago with no outcome in sight. There is no explanation as to why the «parallel» gold money was not launched into circulation in 2012 as previously planned. Swiss and world media stopped highlighting the issue as if upon a command. One can make a conjecture, that the process was stymied by the Rockefellers. Perhaps, the Rotshields and the Rockefellers held talks behind the curtain and managed to reach a compromise: for instance, the US government stops raiding the Swiss banks (for instance, using the accusation of involvement into money laundering for dictators or resorting to other reasons to justify the activities), while Switzerland freezes the process of bringing the «parallel» gold currency into circulation. 

I have mentioned above the «gold» initiatives launched by 13 states of the USA. After Utah introduced gold currency, other twelve states started to hit snags on the way of doing the same thing. I’m sure, that the clan of Rockefellers saw it as a threat for the Federal Reserve System’s future, so it stepped on all economic and political «breaks» to slow it all down. 

Probably, it’s not occasional that there are different limitations imposed on gold buying and selling operations introduced off and on in this or that country. Normally the limitations are explained by the need to fight money laundering (gold is ideally suited for laundering)), financing the fight against terrorism, corruption etc. For instance, in the summer of 2012 the tranquil and civilized Austria banned individual gold banking transactions exceeding $15000 at a time (back then it was no more than eleven ounces of gold). The government said the measure was aimed at supporting the United States in its fight against international terrorism and organized transnational crime. In September 2011 France followed the Austria’s example introducing curbs on individual purchases of gold sold by banks. It’s even tougher in the United States and some other countries. A lot of cities, like Houston, Texas, have made it obligatory to produce identification documents in case of gold buy or sell operations. The gold transactions are watched by banks as well as intelligence units of the Department of Treasure, The Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the Home Security Department. I think the campaign aimed at inflating the threat of international terrorism, is championed by the clan of Rockefellers. In particular, that’s the way they tackle the mission of curbing the use of gold as metal currency. 

War as argument in «dollar against gold» dispute

To assess the prospects for world financial system‘s transition from the current dollar standard to gold standard one has to take into consideration the world military balance, the range of possibilities to use force by the clan of Rockefellers. It would be expedient to remember the events in and around Iraq and Libya. When the leaders of these countries took the bull by the horn and launched practical steps to refuse the dollar as the means of payment for oil and other commodities, the United States immediately launched wars against the «dictators». When Muammar Gaddafi tried to introduce the gold dinar, Libya was supported and cautiously «promoted» by the clan of Rothschilds. Some little known facts provide testimony to the affirmation. For instance, Dominique Gaston André Strauss-Kahn, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, was the protégé of the Rotshields. In 2011 he supported the idea of bringing the gold dinar into circulation. The clan of the Rockefellers hit back, it delivered a punch against Strauss-Kahn first, and then it struck Libya.

The Strauss-Kahn story is a reflection of deep contradictions in the ranks of world oligarchy over the future of world financial system. Since 2009 Strauss-Kahn was firmly supporting the part of world financial oligarchy, which stood for elimination of the dollar as world currency. In particular, then head of the International Monetary Fund lashed out against the «Washington consensus» – a statement of principles aimed at US dollar’s global dominance. 

Today military interventions against sovereign states appear to be United States responses to the threats posed to the interests of Rockefellers. The objective is to rebuff any attempts to refuse the production of the US Federal Reserve System’s printing press (the secondary goal is establishing control over the «black gold» reserves). But it’s a long time the world got fed up with the dollars forcibly imposed on it by the Central Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon and NATO. Washington declares to be «centers of terror» all those, who stand against receiving green pieces of paper of no value. They are subject to military interventions and economic blockades. The clan of Rothschilds skillfully uses the world growing anti-US sentiments to promote its plan to make the world shift to gold standards.