«Dragon Family Gold» and US Federal Reserve System (III)
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«Dragon Family Gold» and US Federal Reserve System (III)

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The terms of return to the owners differ though they have expired anyway. According to one of the versions (David Wilcock, the Financial Tyranny), the Chinese gold had to be returned in 60 years, that is in 1998. Allegedly the successors of Guomindang, settled in Taiwan, went to the International Court in the Hague. The Court was said to hold close sessions and handed down the decision to return the gold no later than September 12, 2001, the day before the well-known events took place in New York, the terrorist act that destroyed the Twin Towers.

They say there is a direct link between the 9/11 tragedy and the «black» gold, that had been stored under the Trade Center skyscrapers and mysteriously disappeared in the fire after the buildings went down… They even say the estimated value of the lost gold was - $130 billion. So, the owners were allegedly cheated. The code of silence was broken by the complaint lodged by the Dragon Family, something we started the story from.

«Black» gold: low quality of «information product»

So the story is captivating. But it’s neither a thriller nor an action movie. It’s the latest version of the new history, something discussed seriously by world media, lawyers, economists and US congressmen. I can tell you right now: the documents related to the «black» gold contain a lot of absurdities (I would like to make a reservation: I have never gone through the process of identifying the authenticity of documents, securities and vault pictures copies, though they say there are many strange things there). For instance, these are the irregularities that strike an eye:

1 The «black» gold reserves mentioned in the documents (2, 4 million tons) by far exceed the amount of gold extracted and accumulated in the history of mankind.

2. According to the «guerillas», nowadays the gold is stored in vaults; their number is around a hundred and a half. These are giant vaults that make Fort Knox look like a dwarf. All the vaults are supposed to be situated in different countries, mainly in the Philippines. There are pictures to make the story real, that show the camouflaged vaults from outside and inside (the halls with innumerable ingots). How come nobody in the Philippines and other Asian countries ever knew about the vaults and what was inside? It’s almost incredible. If the vaults existed, the leaders of the countries would have been tempted to confiscate the «black» gold. It would not have been a plunder, but rather doing a just thing. Why should some Dragon Family go to a New York district court when the gold could have been taken in the country it was stored in?

3. The gold was accumulated by the Federal Reserve Banks in the period between the two world wars. More often they mention the years 1928, 1934, and 1938. It’s known that soon after the election, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued the executive order №6102 of April 5, 1933 that made it obligatory for all individuals and legal entities, including banks, to transfer gold to the US Treasury at the price of around $20 per troy ounce. There was a special Fort Knox storage built for the purpose. The banks received so called «gold certificates» instead of gold. The private gold ownership was forbidden in the country for four decades (the ban was cancelled under President Nixon). The question comes up – how the Federal Reserve Banks could deal with gold in 1934 and 1938 when the operations were banned according to the presidential executive order?

4. The «guerillas» say the «Group 77» countries had their people in the Amanah Trustees Association. The group mainly included the developing countries, it was influential enough globally in the 1970s – the first half of the 1980s, and it had clout in the United Nations and positioned itself as an anti-imperialist force actually acting under the aegis of the Soviet Union. Why the Group 77, that fought the world imperialism, didn’t resort to such a powerful weapon as Federal Reserve securities and «black» gold reserves on the territory of the member states? Probably, because such the weapon never existed and the whole story related to the Federal Reserve System’s «black» gold and securities is invented accompanied by different kinds of fakes.

Transformation of real facts and «information product» of conspirology

At the same time every gold related conspirology story has some real foundation that gets distorted beyond recognition. For instance, let’s take the «willing-compulsory» transfer of gold during WWII. It really took place. But it was the transfer into the US custody, not authorized capital stock or bank deposit. There were official agreements concluded, the leaders of the states knew about it. The amount of gold kept in US storage is known. It was no secret foreign gold was kept in the Federal Reserve vaults in Manhattan. For instance, A.V. Anikin, a historian who was well-known in Soviet times, wrote, «the vaults in Manhattan appeared in the 1930s, when many European states faced the threat of Hitler’s invasion and kept part of their gold reserves in New York. When it became possible for West European and some other countries to exchange their growing dollar reserves for gold, they didn’t bring it back but kept it in US custody as a rule. By the end of 1972 the foreign gold reserves stored in the US went up to 12,7 thousand tons. There were economic and political reasons to do so. The majority of gold possessing West European countries kept a significant part of their reserves in New York. France was an exclusion, as tradition and government policy goes, it keeps its reserves on its territory…

There are up to 20 thousand tons of gold, or around 60% of accumulated capitalist world reserves, stored in the United States. The amount barely changed in the 1970-1980s (A.V. Anakin, Gold: International Economy Aspect, publishing house International Affairs, 1988, p. 98, 100). As one can see the amount of gold stored in the US is twice as small as the amount adduced by «information guerillas». The topic of foreign gold stored in the United States goes beyond the limits of the article. I only want to note, there are many pressing issues related to the subject. For instance, the illegal use of gold by the New York Federal Reserve Bank. But these issues are of no interest to the «guerillas», the study is too time and effort consuming and the scale is not up to par. The results of such «study» may be really perilous.

Another example. 9/11. Independent studies of the so called terrorist acts show the gold was really stored in the Trade Center’s vaults; it really disappeared after the skyscrapers went down. But its amount was rather insignificant. According to the Times Online there had been gold and silver reserves equal to $960 million. Only $230 million were found as a result of rescue operations in November 2001. The circumstances were rather strange: the gold was kept in armored heavy-load Brinks trucks in the tunnel under the Trade Center’s building. Why was it kept in vehicles? Who took it, when was it done and where the gold was taken to? The government never explained. It was all hushed up and ascribed to terrorists. Besides, the gold stored in the Trade Center was not «black», it had concrete owners.
«Countless» gold riches of China

Finally, the countless gold riches of China are extremely exaggerated. It goes down to the thousand years old history of trade relations with Europe. The trade was unbalanced, the export to Europe may times exceeded the import leading to the accumulation of gold in the country. According to experts (Timothy Green, for instance) there had been a few hundred, a thousand tons at best (not hundreds of thousands or even millions of tons as the «guerillas» affirm), accumulated by the beginning of XIX. Those days it was an enormous amount. The West, especially the British, did their best to return the gold. To great extent they succeeded thanks to two opium wars unleashed by the British and supported later by the French. There was little left of the fabulous riches by the end of XIX.

One cannot fully negate the fact that some countries partially keep gold out of official reserves, it is not included into statistics, the specially designed secret funds are created, and that is something a very limited number of state leaders are aware of. Going back to A.V. Anikin «AS Western experts estimate, the IMF official data related to gold excludes some secret and closed funds, especially in oil exporting countries of the Middle East. According to Green, the estimated secret reserves were equal to 1 thousand tons» (A.V. Anikin, the publications mentioned above, p.95). Please note: it’s 1 thousand tons, not 2, 4 million tons, according to the «guerillas» estimates!

Cui prodest? (who stands to gain?)

Irregularities surface not only when the «black» gold information is compared with serious scientific sources, but with various «guerillas» information as well. For instance, David Wilcock says the Chinese gold was stored under the Trade Center’s twin towers in New York. He offers his own new story of the 9/11events. Benjamin Fulford describes with passion the outside and inside look of the vaults in the Philippines and other Asian countries the Guomindang gold is kept in.

There are discrepancies concerning other «details»: some call the securities «certificates», others – «bonds», some say the securities were issued by the US Treasury, some - the Federal Reserve Banks etc.

The list of irregularities and «discrepancies» may be prolonged. Personally I have no doubts, we deal with falsifications. What’s more interesting: who needs the «black» gold story? Who really stands behind the Dragon Family? Who organizes and coordinates the «information attacks» against the Federal Reserve System? It’s hard to believe the «information guerillas» are enthusiastic individuals. There is someone who creates the «most favored regime» in media. Someone provides them with (or uses agents to deliver) expensive fake documents and securities, as well as antique trunks, boxes and other containers to store them in. Real art is required to make them. Finally, someone helps to organize publicly known cases and hires expensive lawyers.

The intuition says this «someone» is the one who had made the Occupy Wall Street movement be in the focus of public attention a bit earlier. Perhaps the individuals acting in different countries should not be called «guerillas» waging just liberation war against financial occupants, but rather conscientious saboteurs, used by behind the curtains actors? Like if acting before such suspicions appear, the «guerillas» say they act in the name of:

a. A significant number of Pentagon generals and senior officers, dissatisfied with the Federal Reserve that has captured power in the country and imposes its foreign and internal policy on the United States;

b. dozens of countries that had to deliver their gold in a «willingly compulsory» way to the Federal Reserve, later joined together in the Association of Trustees (the Trust of Sukarrno);

c. The Dragon Family.

Talking about the last version, there are a lot of murky things. On November 23, 2011, the date the complaint was lodged, everyone was sure rich Guomindang Chinese were behind the Dragon Family. But in April 2012, Benjamin Fulford, one of the most well-known «guerillas», resolutely disassociated himself from the Dragon Family supporters, saying the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other major Federal Reserve System shareholders were behind it.

There is something that is, perhaps obscurely, expressed between the lines: nowadays the era of paper currency is over, world oligarchs play with the idea of getting back to the gold standard at the new turn of history. To achieve the goal gold should leave the clandestine storage places and become white instead of being «black». Though it’s not clear how the Rothschilds and Rockefellers will use the gold they don’t possess. But I think «effective solutions» will be found here in the near future. The intriguing unfolding of events goes ahead like if it were an action movie.

Let’s not jump the gun with ready answers. My cautious conjecture is that one should not trust too much the conspirology related publications devoted to world finances. Still, it looks like they are going to multiply by leaps and bounds.

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