«Dragon Family Gold» and US Federal Reserve System (II)

«Dragon Family Gold» and US Federal Reserve System (II)

Part I

David Wilcock, the author of a series of publications under a single name Financial Tyranny thinks the concentration of giant reserves of gold in clandestine storages was needed by the world oligarchy for the issuance of paper money flows without any back up. Some other authors share the support of this version referring to Adam Smith, who in his The Wealth of Nations made a thorough study of the woes inherent in the financial system backed by gold and the ways to make it without gold currency. He proved it to be evil for capitalists and the whole society. The only beneficiary of the gold standard, imposed on many states by the end of the XIX century, were the Rothschilds, who controlled the major portion of gold, at least in Europe, if not in the whole world (David Ricardo, another Englishman, who was a friend and companion of Nathan Rothschild, gave a «scientific» substantiation of gold standard).

There has always been a competition between gold and paper currency. The gold competitor had to be physically eliminated. This goal was allegedly set in the days of WWI, but failed to be fully achieved (as is known the gold standard was restored in the 1920-30s, though in limited form of gold bullions and gold exchange standards). The attempts to fully get rid of gold in the financial world failed after WWII: the 1944 Bretton Woods conference established the gold-dollar exchange standard. In the 1970s the Bretton Woods system was brought to an end, the dollar became flat currency, the printing press went in full force. The world entered a completely new phase of its development that can be defined as full economic liberalization and financial globalization. The official sources report the US refused its free gold for dollar exchange obligations because the Treasury reserves were rapidly melting; there was not enough for further exchange operations. «Information guerillas» think it’s a lie, the US had enormous gold reserves it hid on purpose to maintain the status of «black» gold. During about sixty years (from WWI to the Jamaica 1976 conference, when it was decided gold was no longer used as a means to cover the currency in global payments) yellow metal was purposefully accumulated from all the corners of the world into a single storage under the control of, first of all, the major Federal Reserve shareholders, who dreamed since a long time they could make riches from «air»...

«Black» gold: questions and answers

This version is really capturing, it meets all the rules inherent in the genre of conspirology. Still, many answers should be answered to make it sound plausible. First of all, how did the global financial oligarchy manage to get the major part of the world gold into a clandestine storage? How much was accumulated? Why the people, whose gold was taken away to be placed into a secret place, kept their mouth shut for such a long time? Where is the gold now? Who manages the reserves and how is it done? And so on, that’s the way it goes. Let’s try to find answers in the works of «information guerillas».

The total amount of «black» gold in clandestine storage is estimated to be around over two million metric tons at least. Some authors say it’s more. David Wilcock gives a precise estimate in his Financial Tyranny: 2.420.937, 4 kg. The bulk of it comes from China (85%) and other Asian states. Many authors hold the view the major part of gold was transferred from China in 1938 at the time it was occupied by Japan. There was a risk the gold, that belonged to a few Guomindang top leaders, would be captured. The Federal Reserve System lent a helping hand to the Chinese comrades and offered good terms of storing the metal. As the «guerillas» say the very same year (1938) seven ships left China for the USA with the Dragon Family’s gold on board. Thus, the gold was transferred and deposited by private owners in a half voluntary, half compulsory way, guaranteeing stable 4% annual income. The gold is recorded in the Global Collateral Combined Accounts. But these accounts are not legal, they are part of parallel financial system, its existence is known by very few. David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, David Guyatt and other «guerillas» emphasize the special place of Japan. As is known this country surfaced to the world arena after the Meiji revolution in 1868. The British Empire, that was ruled behind the curtain by the Rothschilds, looked at Japan as best suited for being a springboard for efforts aimed at grabbing the whole Asian gold. It was a densely populated technologically backward middle age country. Britain supplied the Satsuma and Chōshū clans with modern weapons and shared its knowledge of then contemporary art of war to make them quickly capture the part of the country still out of their control. Then the country of «rising sun» started its expansion into China. The countless Chinese riches were in jeopardy. Part of gold was captured by Japanese. To save the remaining (larger) part the Chinese had to resort to the «service» of British bankers first, and then (after WWI) – the US Federal Reserve.

The gold «freezing» project and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was founded in 1930 in Basel (Switzerland). It has become an important element of clandestine financial system. According to the «guerillas», the idea came to leading Western politicians right after WWI. Japan’s emperor Hirohito allegedly was among those who was at the origin of the bank’s creation. In 1921 he visited Great Britain and signed secret documents related to the establishment of the bank. It’s widely known the BIS funded Hitler and cooperated with the Nazi during the whole WWII. The world financial oligarchy tasked it with one more large-scale mission – to support the creation of clandestine «black» gold reserve. Indeed, no matter its lack of transparency, the bank had aggressively dealt with gold. Some sources say the «black» gold had been secretly deposited in the BIS. However, many researches had dropped hints before the current events that the BIS was a key institution of the parallel (clandestine) financial system serving the interests of global elite. For instance, professor Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) of Georgetown University, a historian and a researcher on conspirology, the author of well-known book called Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (1966), said openly, making no bones about it, that the BIS was intent on "the power of financial capitalism had a far reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences».

«Black» gold and golden cartel

Now let’s get back to the «black» gold bonds. They had face value and the date of return to the initial owner. The transfers were done in different years and, correspondingly, the dates of return differed too. As to «information guerillas», the bonds looked differently, there was no single standard. Some were personalized, others – payable to bearer. With different values they all were measured in millions, dozen and hundreds of millions, and even billions of dollars.

Most often it’s the ones dated 1934, their number keeps on growing. The «guerillas» offer the following explanation: the gold prices steadily grow, the Federal Reserve Banks keep on issuing the 1934 bonds to compensate the lawful owners for the rise in prices for the security metal. Moreover. The US fiscal powers (the Federal Reserve System and the Department of Treasury) do their best to slow down the «yellow» metal price growth.

In case of experts it’s an open secret the so called «gold cartel» exists in the world that goes to any length to hold back the gold prices growth. It functions under the aegis of US Federal Reserve System, the US Department of Treasury and includes the Bank of England, the BIS and a number of Wall Street banks (Goldman Sachs, G.P. Morgan, City etc.). Some organizations, like, for instance, the already mentioned GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action), came out with the disclosure of «world cartel» activities by the end of the 1990s. In 2009, Kevin Warsh, member of Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, had to admit upon GATA’s demand and in accordance with the US freedom of information act the central bank had secret agreements with foreign banks on gold exchange. Having retired, Warsh spoke at Stanford University on January 26, 2012. He was more frank: central banks strictly controlled gold prices.

Now the Internet presents multiple pictures of prewar securities. They are all in English. It’s worth to note, there are mistakes in words spelling. The «guerillas» insinuate it’s done on purpose. They allege the financial oligarchs planned in advance «to chisel» the securities owners. The present day «black» gold owners could say to bearers of «defective» bonds their papers were «cheap» and «illiterate» fakes.

«Black» gold mathematics

As the «guerillas» say the financial oligarchs started «to bamboozle» the securities owners from the very start, since 1928 to be exact (the earliest date of bonds issuance): the owners didn’t get a penny as deposit interests. The «guerillas» made a thorough study of the subject. During the period of 1961 – 2011 (51 years) the overall clandestine financial system’s gold liabilities totalled 4.638.792, 0 metric tons (on the assumption of 4% annual interest rate). It’s almost twice as much as the amount of gold initially deposited with the system. Taking into account the market price of 1 ton of gold is around $30 million today, the ‘black» gold holders owe to the real owners $140,, or $140,000.000 billion, or $140,000 trillion. For reference: the US GDP is $15 trillion, the global GDP is $60 trillion, according to experts the world wealth is estimated to be around $200 trillion. As one can see the «black» gold mathematics makes us deal with exorbitant figures going beyond human imagination.

Moreover, the «black» gold was supposed to be «sealed» and out of circulation for all the years (the space was needed for «press» issuing paper currency). Still some say the oligarchy dipped its hand into the storage and used the gold for its purposes. No one of «guerillas» wrote in detail about it. They only mention beneficiaries with sonorous names: the Committee of 300, Scull and Bones, the Bilderberg Club, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations. Phil Shannon, another researcher on the issue, says the «black gold» was secretly put to work by all US presidents to «interfere in the political life of sovereign nations, to buy elections, to undercut the rule of law, to control the media, to carry out assassinations, in short to impose America’s will».

Presidents Sukarno, John Kennedy and the Green Hilton agreement

After WWII the owners of the gold and other assets leased to the Federal Reserve - the richest Asian families - joined together in an association of Trustees now known as the Amanah or Mandates. The organization was chaired by then President of Indonesia Sukarno. The researchers say there was the special UN resolution (MISA 81704), adopted by the United Nations that legitimized the authority of Sukarno. The Green Hilton agreement is an important turn of events in the «black» gold history. Allegedly in 1963 the Sukarno-led Association and US President John Kennedy concluded an agreement. Under its terms the gold entrusted to the Bank for International Settlements was transferred to the US financial system (the Treasury, not the Federal Reserve) to underpin the US dollar in the capacity of international currency. The «black» gold was to be gradually legalized and brought into economic circulation. The details of agreement are still not known, but the impression is that the legalized gold reserves got some kind of status going beyond the national limits and had to be managed by all interested parties. One could allege the dollar backed up by international gold reserves, was to stop being a pure national means of payment and acquire the traits of supranational currency. The international gold reserves were to be used for funding large-scale programs aimed at overcoming the «third world’s» social-economic backwardness. If such agreements really took place they actually would mean drastic revision of postwar financial system based on the Bretton Woods 1944 conference accords.

Initially the President of the United States planned to start the internationally supported issuance of bills backed up by metal. That is the Federal Reserve System was to be deprived of the right to issue money it received in 1913. Allegedly that’s exactly the time (July 1963) the President’s known executive order (№ 11110) on the issuance of «silver» dollar saw light. The Green Hilton agreement and the order stoked anger of the Federal Reserve bosses, in a few days after President Kennedy was killed. The attempts to unfreeze the «black» gold reserves failed. In 1967 President Sukarno was fallen from power. Today when it comes to the issues related to the «black» gold the developing countries are represented by the organization called the Sukarno Trust. It is headed by some Dr. Seno (a relative of Sukarno). The Trust’s member countries have intensified their activities recently. According to Benjamin Fulford, not long ago a forum of 117 Sukarno Trust members took place in Monaco. In the given case I have presented a cursory look at the version of how the events unfolded based on the «guerillas» publications. I have failed to find the Green Hilton agreement itself.

(To be continued)