Millionaire Tompkins is the operator of a U.S. Empire in Patagonia
Nil NIKANDROV | 04.12.2012 | WORLD / Americas,

Millionaire Tompkins is the operator of a U.S. Empire in Patagonia

In the late 1980's millionaire Douglas Tompkins from the U.S. made a reconnaissance trip to Siberia. He did not deny that he was looking to select «suitable area» to create a giant-scale natural park with a view to the implementation of a «deep ecology» project. Tompkins turned down the Siberian option after coming up against specific complications from the Russians: «The situation is not yet ripe». After visits to Alaska and Canada, he turned his gaze on Chile, with its uninhabited areas in the south, and Argentina, where the economic crisis facilitated the buying up of agricultural land…

The vast territory, known as Patagonia, had long remained a no man’s land until it was divided between Argentina and Chile. It stretches between the Rio Colorado in the north and in the south to Tierra del Fuego, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the foothills of the Andes in the west. Land development was hard going because of the remoteness, lack of roads and unstable climate. For the first time in 30-40 years of the last century, Patagonia was included in geo-strategic manipulations. It is from this base that the Third Reich was planning the conquest and colonization of South America, and that is why Nazi emissaries were regular visitors to these parts. Under present conditions, when the struggle for biological resources, hydrocarbons, and fresh water reserves are unfolding with more ferocity, the value of Patagonia has grown immeasurably. Now is the time for other equally dangerous emissaries.

Who is Douglas Tompkins? It is hard to talk about all aspects of the activities of this enterprising, adventurous man with a reckless streak. He's good at conspiracy and he is a hoaxer. He never talks about himself too much. The available biographical information about Tompkins is «organized» by him himself. Born in 1943 in the state of Ohio, he did not finish his studies and was expelled from school «for repeated infractions». He was fond of climbing, and was an instructor. He established a climbing equipment company, and then later a tailoring company making tourist clothes. At the peak of his commercial success Tompkins sold his companies and decided to devote himself to the problems of the implementation of «deep ecology», (essentially anti-civilization), the ideas of the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess. A radical interpretation of these ideas involves the expulsion of people from the land and for it to be returned to its «original state».

In 1990, Tompkins founded the Foundation for Deep Ecology, which encouraged activists to protect the environment. In 1992, a foundation for the preservation of land was established, The Conservation Land Trust, and its official documents indicated that its activities were designed to protect wildlife in Chile and Argentina. In implementing projects for the expropriation of Chilean and Argentine territories, Tompkins has the support of powerful forces, including the Rockefeller clan. In the online publication «Plan Andino. Tompkins list «(04/08/11) reported that Tompkins had concealed his ties with the clan, even from close associates in environmental NGOs. Contacts are ongoing through trusted intermediaries, including key diplomats in the U.S. embassy. The Rockefeller clan is using their unlimited financial and promotional resources to influence the Chilean leadership, to avoid any actions by the authorities to restrict Tompkins.

In a relatively short period of time Tompkins became the owner of 300 thousand hectares in the province of Palena in the Chilean south, and 200 thousand hectares in Argentina. And that's not all. Tompkins intends to increase his empire in Patagonia one million hectares. The media of these countries have sounded the alarm: a rich American under the pretext of being an «ecologist» is buying up virgin forest land in the region that has strategic reserves of fresh water, and biological resources. In Argentina, Tompkins has implemented «Project Ibera» in the province of Corrientes and parts of Argentine Patagonia. In Chilean Patagonia the American created the «Pumalin Eco Park» from whose territory under various pretexts local residents were evicted. The explanation was that their presence in the park interfered with the purity of the «deep ecology» experiment.

Pumalin Park cut Chile in half. Without Tompkins permission «outsiders» are not allowed on its territory. This agitated the Chilean military. For the first time a thesis of a threat to the sovereignty of the country was expressed by them. Tompkins acting on instructions from the Pentagon and the CIA is forcing Chileans out of Patagonia! The Military got to the root of this operation. In the 1960`s David Rockefeller funded a research project, which was initiated by Henry Kissinger about promising methods of «legal entry» of the U.S. in those regions of the world that are of strategic interest. So they initiated the «Iron Mountain Plan». Among the proposals the environmental issues stand out, because they are “usually supported by different social circles and do not cause unnecessary suspicion among the population». As a consequence, in Chile, there were dozens of environmental NGOs and a “green” Ecological Party, ensuring the realization of the «Iron Mountain Plan». The Tompkins-controlled organizations - Foundation for Deep Ecology, Conservation Land Trust, and Patagonia Land Trust are registered in the U.S. at the same address: Fort Cronkhite, Sausalito, California. In case of claims against Tompkins in Chile, the trials will be held in the United States. Tompkins political activities in Chile are covered by the Embassy of the United States, which continues to defend his interests.

The «Tompkins enclaves» in Argentina are similarly protected. Professor Elsa Brussone working at the «War for Democracy Center” (Centro de Militares para la Democracia), called it a «campaign of intimidation and terror» by the U.S. diplomats in the «defense» of Tompkins interests. Brussone clearly outlined the situation: «Why is he not engaged in this work in his own country, where 40% of water is poisoned, underground reservoirs of fresh water are consumed, and 40 million people live in extreme poverty?” These questions bring a smile and arrogant reaction from him: «The United States will never have a shortage of water». For Brussone it is obvious: «The country that is not the master of its natural resources, land, water, forests, mineral deposits and hydrocarbons, using them for the benefit of its people, is doomed to be a country on its knees before the TNCs, international financial institutions and imperialist powers. Only those countries and those peoples, who are absolute masters of their own natural resources, can be considered as autonomous, free and sovereign».

The Chilean president Sebastian Pinera, a favorite of Washington, and former president Frei Lagos Bachelet came under public pressure and repeatedly stated their intention to take «decisive action» against the «Tompkins Empire».Nothing has materialized. No one wants to deal with the powerful «ecologist» and his backers in the U.S. It is for this reason that the question of the laying through Pumalin Park of a highway which is strategically important to the South (Carretera austral) has stalled. Tompkins resists all attempts at “invasion», and if he temporarily yields in something, it is for tactical reasons. It is from this point of view that Tompkins proposals for the transformation of his possessions in the «national parks» should be considered. The legal documents are accompanied by so many reservations and conditions that they actually establish the right to terminate the agreements with the millionaire under the pretext of «improper use» of land and violation of the dogmas of «deep ecology».

Experts in Chile and Argentina believe that Douglas Tompkins is a «caretaker» in the preservation of the biological resources of Patagonia in the interests of the North American TNCs. It is often argued that the Pentagon and the CIA are the operators of a long-term project to create a support base for the evacuation of VIPs from the United States in the event of some natural disaster or a hypothetical World War. To clarify the reaction to Tompkins and his team to this and the views of others, the Chilean secret service regularly runs information in media channels about the alleged secret ongoing construction work in the millionaires realm.

It is worth noting that the Tompkins example, which is firmly settled in Patagonia, is being followed by other characters of the financial and business elite in the U.S. and Western Europe. Most often heard are the names of Ted Turner, George Soros, Henry Paulson (former director of Goldman Sachs), a British businessman Joe Lewis and others. The methods are the same: create funds with an environmental focus, and proclaim the noble goal of protecting the environment. This is a masked elementary appropriation of the natural resources of other countries. And perhaps overshadows other motives in the «development» of Patagonia: the U.S. elite is deliberately preparing for «The Final Hour». And the catastrophe will not be predicted by Nostradamus or the Mayan Calendar.