The Death of the West
Nikolai MALISHEVSKI | 19.07.2012 | WORLD

The Death of the West

Islamophobia, along with Russophobia, is raging across today's world. Increasing numbers of problems and troubles are blamed on Islam: the PACE overwhelmingly votes for resolutions largely dedicated to condemning Muslim fundamentalism, West European countries subject their respective Muslim communities to pervasive surveillance and serially arrest Islamic radicals to tone down Islam-related conflicts (at the moment, for example, roughly 50% of the convicts in French jails are Muslims), and even the otherwise liberal European intellectuals sound alarm over the perceived Islamic threat...

Patrick Buchanan, a fringe-right Republican with a record of advising US Presidents R. Nixon and R. Reagan, complains in his “The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Culture and Civilization” that the civilization of the whites is on the brink due to their growing indifference to religion and the Christian commandments, especially that saying “Be fruitful, and multiply”. The share of the white population in Western countries is shrinking, causing Buchanan to warn that in some 50 years the whites in the US and Europe will be a minority and a community of mostly senior-aged people, and, as a result, the Western civilization will de facto stop to exist.

The statements which reflect completely real trends unfolding in the changing West – a visible drift in the population dynamics, the tilting balance between various religious groups, or the proliferation of the radical brands of Islam – do evoke suspicion that the West is playing a cunning game with the Muslim world. Moreover, whatever the objectives behind the game may be, chances are the pertinent risks have been seriously underestimated by those who masterminded it.  

Carving up the South Slavic statehood in the 1990ies, the US and Great Britain opened a sweeping campaign aimed at building a partnership with Muslim extremists and establishing control over their organizations. Several centers of Wahhabism in the Saudi Arabia were nominated as the West's new allies, and Great Britain started to undisguisedly host a widening network of Muslim extremist groups. Provided with new opportunities, those took to publishing dozens of newspapers and promptly acquired their own broadcasters. In no time, Germany's BND was also patronizing a conglomerate of Wahhabi formations.

Over 700 Wahhabi groups functioned freely in West Europe by the spring of 1999. Internationally, they were given a key role in funding and supplying Albanian extremists, who were known to be deeply involved with the drug mafia and were instrumental in unleashing the war against Yugoslavia.
As for London, it gradually evolved into a global terrorist hub. These days, the city is home to a cohort of “Muslim dissenters” like the notorious Akhmed Zakayev, a Chechen terrorist envoy charged in Russia with kidnapings and the murders of over 300 people in October, 1995 – December, 2000.

A list released by the US Department of State a decade ago showed that 10 of the 30 organizations branded terrorist at the time were openly headquartered in London, plus 15 others floated fund-rising campaigns in Great Britain. Back in the 1990ies, Egypt's H. Mubarak unveiled a list of 14 terrorist groups based in London and slammed the British authorities for allowing terrorists to come to Great Britain and stay at large there after perpetrating terrorist acts. Egyptian minister of the interior H. el-Adly said in 1996 that all terrorists, including those resident in other European countries, started their careers in London. On December 14, 1997 Egyptian foreign minister A. Moussa handed over to the British ambassador a letter with an official request that Great Britain stop sheltering terrorists and cooperate with Egypt in fighting against them.

In the early 2000ies, when Usama bin Laden was hiding from the CIA in Afghanistan, leaders of Afghan terrorist groups had no problems operating in London even as Great Britain, along with the US, was a member of the coalition waging a war in Afghanistan. The total absence of secrecy over the matter even made watchers recall the workings of de Gaulle's government in exile during World War II.

A leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Muslim group which used to be rooted in London and is currently bracing for complete seizure of control over Egypt, admits that the funding of the Brotherhood's British divisions tops $500m annually. It is worth taking into account in the context that, as a part of the colonial agenda, the Muslim Brotherhood was set up by the British intelligence service in 1928 to induce a split within the pro-independence Islamic camp worldwide.
Abu Hamza, formerly the imam of Finsbury Park Mosque in London, makes no secret of how the money is spent. When the armed conflict erupted in Russia's Chechnya, he declared Jihad against the country and bragged about recruiting volunteers – reportedly, up to 40 people daily – to fight in the region. Moreover, Hamza was known to be sending radical Muslim activists to Iran, Pakistan, and even Afghanistan where the British forces  were involved militarily.  

According to Western media accounts and WikiLeaks revelations, by the early 2009, 32% of the young Muslims in Great Britain were prepared to kill people in the name of Islam and 40% would welcome the enactment of the Sharia law. Former Metropolitan Police Chief of London Lord John Stevens said around 3,000 British citizens had been trained in Al Qaeda camps. He also stated in an interview to News of the World that at least 200 British terrorists were ready to attack innocent people in the name of their understanding of Islam. The West's flirt with radical Islam is already backfiring, Europe being the target along with Asia and the Middle East.

Western experts reasonably believe that European centers of extremism citing Islam as a justification of their activities contribute to global terrorism no less than their Middle Eastern peers. At present, Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain appear to be exposed to the highest risks. One should keep in mind, though, that the source of danger confronting the world is not Islam but the radical forces of  politicized Islam exploiting the religious vocabulary to their own inhumane ends.


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