A European Market Blow

A European Market Blow

Market Blow is a term which appeared in Argentina in 1989 and it refers to an irregular institutional change caused by pressure being exerted by economic agents through some market mechanisms such as: inflation, stock-outs, massive withdrawals from bank accounts, interest rates increase, lock outs, etc. The market blow has been considered like a Coup d´état” - Wikipedia.

First it was applied to emerging countries and countries depending on the South; there they were imposed by: Washington´s agreement- Free Market - Unpayable Foreign Debts - A financial system out of control-Central Banks out of State Control, a model created and publicized by the elite of “trilateralism”, which began to exist during the 70s, then it strengthened with “Regan-Thatcher Era” and it reached its splendor with the so called neoliberalism after the fall of the URSS. Today the elites of this model are turning up a notch and sending it back with their emerging economies along the eurozone. As we say about Hollywood movies: Any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence.

Nowadays the PIIGs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece) are themselves suffering from the development of all policies implemented in their region, through which they were foolish into a fake reality of growth. Along with it, the EU became a tool to mainly increase German´s exports, and subsequently, French exports through the development of a free commerce system along the union. For this objective, the EU lent money to these countries, paved the way for their important companies to be taken over by German and French enterprises with the support of the European Central Bank and administrative regulations stated from Brussels. The PIIGs, were included into a model in which an small elite of countries outrageously got richer and the ideological argument being used was that the European Union promised eternal prosperity; by shielding and sweeping away all crisis in Europe, as well as all threatening nationalisms. These were the times of Spain ranked as “8th world economy”, or and Ireland shown as an example of emerging countries.

Today who referred to this has collapsed like a house of cards, and the trilateralist´s elite, in order to keep their privileges, ask for the elimination of any sovereignty trace in the states and they have clearly resorted to a Coup d´état or Market Blow with the implementation of “Technocratic Administrations” in the PIIGs, all done by imposing their elite members as claimed by: Joao Durao Barroso, chairman of the European Commission, in May last year when he announced that unless austerity measures were accepted, democracy was at risk in Greece, Spain and Portugal. In a new and deeper intervention, on September 28th, 2011, the European Parliament approved measures of greater scope which undermined the possibilities of each country to set and manage their own budgets and debts. Has Italy voted Mario Monti forBerlusconi and Greece gone forLucas Papademos to replacePapandreu? None was elected in lawful elections, both are former members of European Financial Organizations, academically trained in USA, members of Trilateral Commission and Goldman Sachs, just to say that with them in power the PIIGs are unquestionably under the control of any dictates given by the IMF, CEB, EU. This has already happened in Third World economies, and now it is happening in Europe, being these dictates associated with austerity and privatization. All governmental functions are nullified and privatized, all national assets sold. The nation–state concept is steadily dismantled. Finally, the main functions left to governments are those of police suppression of its own people and tax collection to be given to banks.

It is a sad farewell to nations´ autonomy, the free will of the people, any advance towards more democratic, socially-compromised, direct, participative and representative ways of participation, which ultimately aim at achieving the will of its people and legitimately seek for welfare and happiness.

There was an attempt to impose this model of “Technocratic Administrations” in Argentinain 2002, when the IMF proposed one of its members “an expert in Argentine´s economy” to guarantee the enforcement of dictates of the trilateralist´s elite. The breaking-off with that agency saved us from a greater social disaster, like the one we were driven into by neoliberalism. There is still hope lying ahead in the reactions coming from European societies, whose destinies have been aggressively changed, by confronting and democratically defeating these coup ´s supporters.

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