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Investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. A member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the National Press Club

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July 21, 2020
Pandemic and Hair Trigger Flash Points: an Explosive Situation

All the plans of nations large and small to prevent a repeat of the so-called Spanish flu of 1918, which ravaged the battlefield trenches of France, have largely proven ineffective.

July 14, 2020
Donald Trump’s Genocidal Acts Against Humanity

The domestic embargoing of health care supplies, along with the hobbling of federal health agencies represent individual criminal charges in an indictment of the Trump administration for carrying out “autogenocide” against the American people.

July 12, 2020
Unlikability: a Trait That Plagues Right-Wing Leaders

Achieving popularity requires empathy and rationality, elements that politicians of the right-wing, many of whom believe they are “populists,” lack.

July 2, 2020
The Growing Police Union-White Supremacist Alliance

The election of Trump as president made a bad situation involving white supremacists and neo-Nazis serving in U.S. law enforcement agencies much worse.

June 27, 2020
Trump’s ‘Alternate History’ and Rejection of Facts

Future historians will scratch their heads when researching the annals and archives of the Trump administration. Trump and his administration often seize on erroneous information and turn them into, in what is in their minds, irrefutable facts.

June 24, 2020
Fascists Are Always Frightened of Communes

Just as Trump and his Republican lackeys called the CHAZ protesters “anarchists” and “antifa,” the U.S. ambassador to France at the time of the Paris Commune, Elihu Washburne, referred to the communards as “brigands,” “scoundrels,” and “assassins.”

June 16, 2020
Why U.S. Is a Major Human Rights Violator

Although the United States has historically been more than willing to criticize the human rights policies of other countries, it has bristled at attempts to have brought forth in the international body its own human rights outrages.

June 8, 2020
Trump’s Path to Historical Ignominy

Even a powerful dictator like Ceausescu was unable to stop a tidal wave of popular anger. Some popular revolutions are often spontaneous occurrences, triggered by the most unlikely of events, and ending with dramatic consequences.

May 26, 2020
The New Diplomacy: Virtual Instead of Physical

In the era of Covid, virtual diplomacy was on display in India on May 21 when India’s President accepted the credentials of the ambassadors of several countries via video conferencing.

May 20, 2020
Magic and Voodoo Versus Science and Medicine

For the weak-minded who do not accept reason and logic, magic is as real as unicorns, elves, and leprechauns. For those on the far-right of politics, elves and unicorns are replaced by secretive cabals who they believe run the world.