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March 29, 2014
What Hague Summit Never Mentioned

58 world leaders took part in the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague on March 25 focusing on reducing the amount of dangerous nuclear material in the world that terrorists could use to make a nuclear weapon… Ukraine has accumulated 4500 tons of spent fuel kept near reactors in temporary storage sites. The capacity is limited and the storage conditions are not up to safety standards. The spent material contains totally 12 tons of plutonium (enough to produce 1000 nuclear warheads). There are no contemporary spent fuel storages in Ukraine now. It makes the situation critical… As the «national revolution» proceeds, the sites can become a «doomsday weapon» at any time. It will affect Russia and the whole of Europe. For how long can this problem be ignored? 

March 3, 2014
National Revolution and Nuclear Sites Safety. Who’ll Disarm Ukrainian Arms Toting Gunslingers?

The victory of «national revolution» in Kiev and the ensuing destabilization of the country call for assessment of emerging threats. There are four nuclear stations with fifteen units on Ukrainian soil… What stands it the way of Bandera gangs capturing the Rovenskaya nuclear power plant?! Berkut (special police units in Ukraine) was the only force capable of preventing terrorist acts. It is disbanded now; its place is taken by Bandera assault units. TV channels showed automatic gun toting Sashok Biliy, ex-guard of Dzhokhar Dudaev (self-proclaimed «president» of Chechnya in the 1990s), who became known for threatening Rovenskaya Oblast (region) local organs of power with an assault rifle… Nuclear burials are of special concern. The one in Dneprodzerzhinsk, near Pridneprovsk chemical plant is especially vulnerable… Russia should be ready to act in case a nuclear accident takes place in Ukraine threatening adjacent lands, including Russian territory, with nuclear contamination. Russian experts are also concerned over the possibility of transporting nuclear waste to the Russian border areas, like it took place during the former President Yushenko tenure…

May 11, 2012
Upcoming G8 Forum and the Objectives Behind the Looming Great War

The recent developments – from the seizure of Iraq and Afghanistan to the rape of Libya and the spill of the Arab Spring – leave no doubt that the world system periphery faces a new round of colonial conquests…NATO is an existing and successfully tested instrument of the new colonization…By all means, Iran's nuclear program is nothing more than a casus belli – even with no trace of interest in nuclear technologies, the country would still be in big trouble.  Moscow should, in the meantime, keep in mind  that it  is destined to be the next target after Tehran…Russia will have to endure plenty of arm-twisting at the upcoming G8 forum in Camp David supposed to coerce it into giving up the support for Syria and Iran and the Eurasian initiatives, as well as to make Moscow subject its tactic nuclear weapons stockpile to deep cuts.

January 12, 2012
Can Iran Defeat the US in a Major War?

The two Persian Gulf wars left no illusion that a classic World War II-type army like those of Iran and Syria has the potential to resist NATO for considerable period of time. The above, however, does not necessarily mean that no strategy can be compiled using which Iran and its allies can defeat a US-led coalition and negotiate a truce on the terms acceptable to the victims of the aggression. I suggest that such a strategy actually exists, provided that the side led into self-defense would set the objective of suppressing the so-called Boyd decision cycles also known as the OODA loops originally described by Col. John Richard Boyd…

January 4, 2012
Why The US Needs a Major War

At the moment, we find ourselves in the middle of a turbulent phase of the global evolutionary cycle which commenced in the 1980ies and is projected to end by the middle of the XXI century. In the process, the US is clearly loosing its hyperpower status… If the current geopolitical dynamics persists, the global leadership change can be expected by 2025, and the only way the US can derail the process being to ignite a major war… The implementation of the Greater Middle East project – along with appreciable damage to the standing of Russia and China – would be the key prizes the US hopes to win by fighting a major war…

November 4, 2011
Should Russia accept ‘Brzezinski`s plan’? (II)

To offer an adequate response to the U.S. policy, Russia must become aware that it is not a partner for Washington but a target, and chances for any changes here are very small. As far as the international policy is concerned, the US always serves only its interests and does everything it wants to achieve its goals. So, Russia is facing two prior tasks:  1. To strengthen its sovereignty.  2. To use deterrent strategy against the U.S. That is why Russia is better not cut its nuclear arsenals but enhance its defence potential to avoid a possibility of getting caught into a new global military conflict in future…

November 2, 2011
Should Russia coordinate its policy with that of the US? (II)

The crisis will inevitably result in dramatic changes on the global political scene. The US will finally lose its superpower status which it had enjoyed for a century. The U.S. has failed to stand the ‘multipolarity test’ and had worn-out wars in the Middle East. Now they lack enough resources to maintain leadership. It is very likely that the collapse of the dollar and of the US financial pyramid will cause an outbreak of aggression from the US side, and a regional war with Iran and other countries of the ‘Greater Middle East’ will become a reality. But this all will just boost the Pax Americana collapse…