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Tom Luongo is an independent political and economic analyst based in North Florida, USA

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May 23, 2020
Trump Has Won the Propaganda War With China

Trump has finally won a war. It’s a war he’s uniquely suited to fight, and he’s successfully waged it on China through his command of Western media.

May 17, 2020
Trump Goes on Offense Against Obama

Trump wouldn’t be going after Obama if he didn’t have proof of Obama’s guilt. He’s a limbic creature but he’s not random.

May 6, 2020
Cash is Trash, Especially for the Post-COVID World

Right now gold is seeing a strong bid the world over and Bitcoin is rising into the halving of its reward pool which occurs every four years.

April 23, 2020
Trump: Live by the Oil, Die by the Oil

Energy Dominance will turn into an Energy Albatross and it will weigh on Trump’s neck in his second term that will see him leave office reviled as the great destroyer of not only the U.S.’s wealth, but more importantly, its standing in the world.

April 20, 2020
Merkel Survives the Coronapocalypse, but the EU Won’t

While Merkel may have won the latest battle in the end she may lose the war for the EU. And, in the ultimate irony, the people of Europe may have her to thank for their deliverance from its dysfunction.

April 5, 2020
Has the Trump/Putin Thaw Finally Begun?

The real question still remains whether Trump is someone Putin can, or more importantly should, deal with.

March 29, 2020
The Monetary Abyss Stares Back and Asks Who’s Next?

Will we take the opportunity handed to us and tighten our belts, demand debt liquidation, corporate bankruptcies and a complete reshuffling of the global capital order?

March 23, 2020
No Respite for the Wicked, Pompeo Unleashed

The lack of humanity shown by America’s diplomatic corps ensures that in the long run the U.S. will be left to fend for itself when the next crisis hits.

March 15, 2020
Putin Unleashes Strategic Hell on the U.S.

Putin understands that a world awash in debt is one that cannot withstand the currency needed to repay that debt rising sharply.

February 25, 2020
Has Erdogan Finally Lost His Center?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should call German Chancellor Angela Merkel some point soon to compare notes on how it feels to be trapped between the U.S. and Russia.