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Tim Kirby is an independent journalist, TV and radio host.

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November 21, 2020
Precedent Shows That the Near Future of Moldova Will Be Grim

The little Democratic Dictators like Saakashvili and Pashinyan seriously believed that the West were their new “friends” who would support them in their military adventures.

November 13, 2020
The Inter-Election Period: A Breakdown of the Strange Moment of U.S. History That We Are in Right Now

Tim Kirby breaks down everything we should have learned from this very unusual voting year during this brief window of uncertainty.

November 4, 2020
America Voted for the Worst Possible Result

The Right and Left are playing chicken and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to blink, Tim Kirby writes.

October 28, 2020
The PS5, Social Media and Mass Censorship – What Can Be Done?

Like an aging oil field the freedom that the Internet offered to the common man across the planet is drying up.

October 18, 2020
Pure Idiocy: UN Is Sure an Uninhabitable Hell Can Be Averted by Taxation

It almost seems like environmental issues are being used as an excuse to push for certain policies that would otherwise never see the light of day.

October 16, 2020
Can There Be More Than One Idea of Freedom in the 21st Century?

Through the years the idea of what freedom means has narrowed and at present its interpretation seems very much in the hands of the West, Tim Kirby writes.

September 28, 2020
Iran Has Been ‘Resanctioned’ but Do Sanctions Actually Work?

If America is in decline, then the threat of sanctions will cool off year-by-year. This justifies any moves made by the Russians and Chinese to provide more “Multipolarity” in terms of international institutions and infrastructure.

September 21, 2020
The Creeping Socialism Republicans Cannot Understand

Let’s break down just why having a former Cuban come on to damn Socialism south of the border is not a particularly strong argument.

September 18, 2020
Brexit: Why Does Europe Continue to Speak English?

English today in Europe has left the same mark as Western European languages did in Africa – as a symbol of subordination.

September 12, 2020
Saudi Arabia’s Mysterious Coronavirus Survival Abilities

Logically and statistically this country should look like North Korea in the 90’s and yet all things are quiet on the Arab front. How could this possibly be?