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Tim Kirby is an independent journalist, TV and radio host.

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December 6, 2019
Finally a Foreign War Close to Home

A US military intervention in Mexico would mean three very important things for America’s near future, Tim Kirby writes.

December 4, 2019
Americans Have No Responsibilities (Meme Breakdown #1)

When we live in a society founded on the idea of the government not forcing people into various duties (other than punishing violations of the law) why should we expect people to be responsible?

November 13, 2019
Ecology vs. Religion: Why Traditional Christians and Eco-Activists Have Polar Opposite Views on the Nature of Man

We need a pro-Human environmentalism that tells us that we are an amazing rarity that may be truly unique in the universe and that we need to maintain our planet, colonize and maintain others so that the glory of our flame will never be snuffed out.

November 9, 2019
Trump Declared Anti-Ukrainian Racist by Clownish Mainstream Media

The Washington Post demonstrates the mentality of a medieval peasant – if you don’t agree you must be possessed by demons blinding your judgment.

November 3, 2019
Does Democracy Really Exist?

The problem in Pat Buchanan’s reasoning about the dying state of Democracy we find ourselves in is the foundational idea that change within Democracy has at any time ever been done by the majority, Tim Kirby argues.

October 21, 2019
Trump Ushers in Financially Responsible Empire

This decision by Trump to send troops to defend Saudi Arabia at cost or even for profit could have a much grander resonance than it would seem at first.

October 15, 2019
The NBA Did Nothing Wrong

If you want massive corporations to serve one master then they must be given no opportunity to serve a second, the NBA did nothing wrong, Tim Kirby writes.

October 3, 2019
Ukraine Deflection off Biden to Trump Is Pure Democrat Genius

Trump’s ability to survive media scandal is unparalleled, but this new one could call for more hearings to bog down his presidency further and completely halt operations.

September 26, 2019
Russia Has Greta Thunberg’s Solution

Nuclear power’s Energy Return on Energy Invested ratio is by far the best of anything we have on offer today. Not only does it produce a massive amount of electricity from fuel materials but it does so cleanly.

September 21, 2019
Environmentalism Leads to Technocracy

There is a massive trendy push for environmentalism, but the system does not allow for the sweeping changes that some wants, this contradiction leads to what Tim Kirby refers to as the “Technocratic Approach”.