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Tim Kirby is an independent journalist, TV and radio host.

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January 19, 2021
Why ‘Texit’ Is Naive at Best

Well wishing and power fantasies cannot topple geopolitical realities and the fact that Washington will simply never let a Texit take place.

January 18, 2021
The Trump Ban: The Only Free Speech Zone for American Conservatives Is Russia

This is the moment Russia has been waiting for but it is unknown if those in the halls of the Kremlin even know that it is happening.

January 2, 2021
2021: The Geopolitics of Vaccination

The potentially most interesting systemic change brought on by the virus would be the start of some sort of mandatory vaccination for travel.

December 28, 2020
Has the S-400 System Made Trump a President of Peace?

The usage of S-400 systems in nations that are the targets of Washington’s hunger could prove to be a game changer, Tim Kirby writes.

December 21, 2020
Does Russia Actually Have an Advantage in the Battle for Multipolarity?

The Russian Advantage is that in the battle for a Multipolar world, any civilization that rises up to peruse its own interests is seen as a victory, even if this nation would be hostile to Russia itself.

December 19, 2020
A Fake Maidan in Moldova Is What the New President Needs

Why is President-elect of Moldova Maia Sandu at the center of large public protests when she is poised to soon take office anyway?

December 16, 2020
The Populist American Powder Keg Is Primed but Will It Be Lit?

Flawed humans are often too eager to over inflate information that suits them to build the exciting revolutionary narrative of their fantasies.

December 2, 2020
One Assassinated Iranian Scientist – Many Questions Raised

No matter when bad things go down in Iran, the U.S. and Israel, rightly or not, are going to get blamed for occurrences like this and that is exactly what is happening.

December 1, 2020
Donald Trump Needs to Finally Invest in the Truth

Four years too late U.S. President Donald Trump has finally woken up to the fact that as a billionaire, rather than fighting the Mainstream Media, he could just buy a chunk of it to get the results he wants.

November 21, 2020
Precedent Shows That the Near Future of Moldova Will Be Grim

The little Democratic Dictators like Saakashvili and Pashinyan seriously believed that the West were their new “friends” who would support them in their military adventures.