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August 1, 2021
Targeting Orthodoxy

The relative success of Constantinople Patriarchy’s foray into the vipers’ tangle of Ukrainian church politics has whetted its appetite to try to go further along the same lines, following the general direction set by its overseas “partners.”

July 26, 2021
Just Another Routine Humiliation for the ‘Impossible State’ of Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is difficult to conceive that all the elements of a perfect storm in the three central Balkans statelets have been planted fortuitously, without the guidance of a single strategic concept or operational centre.

July 9, 2021
Srebrenica – a Genocide Narrative That Is Running Out of Steam

In the Balkans truth generally lacks a transcendent or ontological dimension, it tends to be purely tribal.

June 30, 2021
The Descent Into (Utter) Madness

The assault on language is an integral component of the unrelenting warfare being waged for the conquest and control of the mind, Stephen Karganovic writes.

June 16, 2021
Geoffrey Nice’s Road Show Vindicates Our Prognosis

Geoffrey Nice confirmed the coordinated role of the Uyghur Tribunal’s and the previous “China Tribunal” in a continuous effort to put political pressure on China.

June 9, 2021
Another Hastily Confected Star Blazes Across Russia’s Literary Firmament

Stepanova may be straining assiduously to be heard on the major political issues of the day, but she just as clearly is no Solzhenitsyn, Stephen Karganovic writes.

May 31, 2021
Judge Prisca Matimba Faces a New Srebrenica Challenge

In 2012, judge Matimba demolished not just her fellow-judges’ legal findings in the Tolimir trial but implicitly thrashed the Hague Tribunal as well. On June 8 she could tweak the Tribunal’s tail again, Stephen Karganovic writes.

May 27, 2021
The Company They Keep

When the excitement subsides or a new political configuration emerges, Protasevich will be dumped into the memory hole like every other imperial agenda pawn.

May 20, 2021
Britain Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Dr. Karadzic (Well, Not Quite)

In the course of his continually improving cross-examinations, Karadzic managed to deliver quite a few blows to the prosecution’s (or the Tribunal’s, since they are inseparably merged) case.

May 15, 2021
In London, a Kangaroo Court Ambush Is Being Set for China

Xinjiang is seen in a pivotal strategic role on the Great Chessboard. That most certainly is not because of possible human rights abuses that might be occurring there, if indeed they are, but for entirely different, hard-nosed geopolitical reasons.