Ramona Wadi

Ramona Wadi is an independent researcher, freelance journalist, book reviewer and blogger. Her writing covers a range of themes in relation to Palestine, Chile and Latin America.

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August 1, 2020
Moncada’s Significance in Cuban Revolutionary History

Remembering the first visible revolutionary action by Fidel and his comrades must transcend the historical confines, in order to emulate the lasting vision determined prior to Moncada, Ramona Wadi writes.

July 25, 2020
Weaving Impunity for Dictatorship Crimes in Chile

Chile is governed by silence and complicity – the Pinochet legacy, together with the military’s “pact of silence” – remain perpetual obstacles.

July 19, 2020
Bolsonaro Draws Upon Colonial Threats to Maintain Exploitation of the Amazon

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues to occupy international news headlines, for the wrong reasons as a result of exploitative politics.

July 9, 2020
The Colonial Politics Appropriating Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore stands as a reminder of how U.S. colonial and racist politics exploited indigenous territory to carve reminders of slavery and massacres.

July 2, 2020
Beyond the Toppling of Colonial Monuments, a Rethinking of History and Accountability Is Vital

The current uproar necessitates a strategy, if the initial manifestations against historical colonial legacy are to bear any impact on current politics.

June 22, 2020
U.S. Threats Cannot Deter Cuba’s Internationalist Approach

U.S. threats do have the potential to create the space for additional human rights violations, in particular when it comes to institutions that are dependent upon the same corruption to thrive.

June 15, 2020
Israel’s Military Occupation Must Be Discussed in the Colonial Context

The Palestinian people’s current predicament on the verge of annexation carries with it the international community’s complicity in diluting colonialism to the more preferable military occupation terminology.

June 3, 2020
Australia Is Destroying Aboriginal Heritage Sites for Mining Profit

The issue of protecting Aboriginal heritage is still very much subject to compromise that will weigh heavily in favour of corporations and profit in Australia.

May 25, 2020
Cuba Is Punished for not Emulating the U.S.

The false designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terror is also a direct means of incitement against the island, at a time when Cuba is a leading nation in efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19.

May 20, 2020
Cuba: End of Sanctions Is More Important Than Nobel Peace Prize for Its Doctors

Contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing noble about the Prize. The spectrum of winners, from individuals who have truly made a positive difference to the world, to war criminals, indicates dynamics other than altruism at play.