Ramona Wadi

Ramona Wadi is an independent researcher, freelance journalist, book reviewer and blogger. Her writing covers a range of themes in relation to Palestine, Chile and Latin America.

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August 19, 2019
Moving Past Bolsonaro’s Interpretation of Oblivion

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is giving practical examples of what happens when a democratically-elected government implements dictatorship-era practices. How is oblivion defined and what happens when it becomes a trigger for remembrance?

August 14, 2019
Gantz’s Electoral Campaign Is Focused on Gaza’s Vulnerability

Having failed to form a coalition government, Benjamin Netanyahu has called for another general election, providing candidates with yet another opportunity to vie with each other in terms of their prospective plans to oppress Palestinians further.

August 5, 2019
How Bolsonaro Is Maintaining Brazil’s Exploitation at Local and International Levels

Despite pleas for protection against miners invading their territory, the indigenous tribes are unlikely to find recourse from the authorities. Bolsonaro has stated his decision to open natural reserves for exploitation as the reason behind what he terms “approximation with the United States.”

July 19, 2019
Brazil and the US – a Neoliberal Alliance Under Bolsonaro and Trump

Brazil is set on a trend that has many precedents. Together with other right-wing governments in Latin America, it is continuing a macabre legacy that will now be implemented through methods which the international community has normalised and is only concerned with finding solutions for, rather than halting.