Philip Giraldi

Ph.D., Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

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February 18, 2021
The Decline of the West: American Education Surrenders to ‘Equity’

It will be difficult or even impossible to go back to a system where learning is actually a discipline that requires hard work and dedication.

February 11, 2021
Off To a Diverse Start: Biden Doubles Down on Some Bad Policies and Appointments

The prize for the truly awful story of the week goes to the appointment of AIPAC monster to head Pentagon planning for the Middle East.

February 4, 2021
Why Always Israel? Only One Country Matters to Congress and the Media

Pandering to Israel as part of the political process in the United States has become part of the DNA of both major parties.

January 28, 2021
A Domestic Terrorism Law? War on Dissent Will Proceed Full Speed Ahead

What makes the current state of war against “terrorism” so dangerous is that the national security apparatus has been politicized, Phil Giraldi writes.

January 21, 2021
Pompeo’s Last Stand

The neocons and the media demand tough talk and even tougher action from their candidate and Pompeo is already running hard to oblige them.

January 14, 2021
No One Is Listening: A Country Divided Against Itself

The U.S. may morph into two nations with the increasingly impoverished helot “deplorables” under the heel of the empowered social justice warriors.

January 7, 2021
More War by Other Means: Sanctioning the Wife of Syria’s President Makes No Sense to Anyone

More sanctions, by all means. More grief and suffering and more people around the world wondering what exactly the United States is doing.

December 31, 2020
A New War in the New Year? Trump Again Takes Aim at Iran

What might the Congress and American people do to stop it from happening? Nothing that would actually have any impact.

December 24, 2020
Democracies Don’t Start Wars. But Democrats Do

Under Biden, as ever, it will only be the designated bad guys who will be on the receiving end of America’s military might

December 17, 2020
A Return to Normalcy? Joe Biden’s Vision of Normal Raises Concerns

It can be taken as a given that the Biden/Harris regime will continue America’s Israel-centric foreign policy, Phil Giraldi writes.