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October 30, 2020
Can You Smell What the Chinese Are Cooking?

Less than a week before the game-changing U.S. presidential election, the real heart of the geopolitical and action is invisible to the outside world.

October 15, 2020
POTUS Punk vs. Dem Dementia

The total balkanization of culture in the U.S. into bulletproof containers of irrationality is precluding any possibility of civilized debate, Pepe Escobar writes.

July 23, 2020
Brazil Exclusive: the Money Laundering Scandal From Hell No One Wants to Talk About

Two decades after the fact, a political earthquake that should be rocking Brazil apart is being met with thunderous silence.

June 18, 2020
Nixon-Trump vs. the Strategy of Tension

MAGA – which is a rehash of the American dream – simply cannot happen when society is viciously polarized; vast sectors of the middle class are being completely erased; and mass immigration is coming from the Global South.

June 12, 2020
Syria in Seattle: Commune Defies the U.S. Regime

The marriage of post-Lockdown and George Floyd protests has nurtured a rough beast that is still immune to any form of civilized debate in the U.S.

May 29, 2020
Our Grim Future: Restored Neoliberalism or Hybrid Neofascism?

This is our choice: it’s either Neoliberal Restoration or a revolutionary rupture. And nothing in between.

May 15, 2020
How Biosecurity Is Enabling Digital Neo-Feudalism

We may have been set up for an endless biopolitical quarantine without even noticing it, Pepe Escobar writes.

May 5, 2020
Get Ready for the Next Game-Changer: the Digital Yuan

The post-Planet Lockdown world – still a hazy mirage – may well need a post-Planet Lockdown currency.

April 21, 2020
What Did U.S. Intel Really Know About the ‘Chinese’ Virus?

How could U.S. intel have known about a contagion one month before Chinese doctors detected an unknown virus?

April 2, 2020
Ground Control to Planet Lockdown: This Is Only a Test

The absolutely key issue is how the West was caught completely unprepared for the spread of Covid-19 – even after being provided a head start of two months by China, and having the time to study different successful strategies applied across Asia.