Patrick Armstrong

Patrick Armstrong was an analyst in the Canadian Department of National Defence specialising in the USSR/Russia from 1984 and a Counsellor in the Canadian Embassy in Moscow in 1993-1996. He retired in 2008 and has been writing on Russia and related subjects on the Net ever since.

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July 29, 2019
Enough and Not Too Much

Russia is just Russia. There is no feeling in Moscow that Russia must take the lead any place but Russia itself. One of the reasons why Putin is always talking about the independence of nation states is that he remembers the exceptionalist past and knows that it led to a dead end.

July 7, 2019
How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Consumers of the print or electronic output of the League of Copy Typists and their Instructors are expected to believe many impossible things and believe them, Patrick Armstrong writes.

June 26, 2019
D-Day More Difficult Than You Think

It would be good if both sides calmed down and stopped claiming either that D-Day won the war or that it was a very minor offstage event. But that’s probably too much to hope for today.

June 7, 2019
A Month in the Life of the World’s Richest Man

Remember the Panama Papers? First they were about Putin; then when somebody noticed that the word “Putin” didn’t appear anywhere, they were by Putin. But bubbles keep bubbling.

May 30, 2019
Why Russia’s Victory Day Was Crucial for the Survival of ‘European Values’

The USSR, with significant help from the rest of us, defeated Hitler and changed the world away from that dark and horrible future. At enormous cost.

April 16, 2019
What If Mainstream Media’s Message About Putin Was Delivered in Orwell’s Language?

In a world increasingly resembling George Orwell’s “1984,” Patrick Armstrong comes up with a modest proposal to protect democracy against Putin. “Love the Ruling Party: we all win and Putin loses!”

April 9, 2019
Putin Derangement Syndrome After Mueller

Derangement was strong before the interference/collusion lie and it will exist as long as Putin does: the war party is too invested in personalities ever to realise that it’s Russia, not its president, that’s the obstacle.

March 17, 2019
The Trump Mysteries: Inconsistent Inconsistencies

There are three events of the Trump period that I cannot fit into either the Trump-the-disentangler theory or the Trump-dupe-of-war-party theory. These actions just don't fit either: they are inconsistently inconsistent.

March 9, 2019
Trump and the Gordian Knot, Year Two

Is Trump behaving in a boorishly unilateral way to force his allies to break the imperial connection, or is it just the habitual "America First" style now crudely stripped of the earlier politesse?

February 27, 2019
McCarthyism Then and Now: But There Was Reality Then

One can only hope that the conspiracy will finally be so revealed and so proven and so obvious that even the consumers of CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian, the NYT and the rest will understand what was really going on.