Patrick Armstrong

Patrick Armstrong was an analyst in the Canadian Department of National Defence specialising in the USSR/Russia from 1984 and a Counsellor in the Canadian Embassy in Moscow in 1993-1996. He retired in 2008 and has been writing on Russia and related subjects on the Net ever since.

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May 23, 2021
Countering the American Way of War – Proof of Concept

“If you want a single word to summarize American war-making in this last decade and a half, I would suggest rubble.”

May 8, 2021
Why Moscow Doesn’t Just Knock Him Over

Moscow knows what Washington has not yet learnt: it’s not just one guy, it’s a whole country and sugar hits don’t last.

April 25, 2021
Russia, Russia, Ever Failing

No one ever asks: Mr Expert, you’ve been wrong for twenty years, why should anybody take you seriously now?

April 10, 2021
Sunbeams From Cucumbers: The View From the Khanate of Kaganstan

“Putin’s disinformation campaigns” are so clever that they use real information, Patrick Armstrong writes.

March 31, 2021
They’re Not Even Trying to Make Sense Now

In short, we are supposed to believe that in 2016 the Russian hacked nothing but the election and in 2020 they hacked everything but the election.

March 19, 2021
Why Do They Keep Doing It?

In the West, and especially the USA, today, we observe an inability to imagine, understand, come to terms with or tolerate difference.

March 14, 2021
The Great American Delusion – Just That One Guy

There is an objective reality: and the most powerful and strong-willed individual can only shape the future within the existing possibilities.

February 24, 2021
Lab Rats to the Front!

NATO isn’t a paper tiger, it’s a paper pussycat, Patrick Armstrong writes.

February 8, 2021
Navalny and Treason

Collaborating with foreign intelligence structures to create a poisoning narrative would appear to fit the definition of treason. How about writing a letter to a foreign head of state asking him to sanction your country?

February 4, 2021
The West Is Losing Its Soft Power

The West is losing its aura of success – endless wars, divisive politics, COVID failure, financial crises, debt. And ever more desperate attempts to hold power against ever bolder dissent.