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July 18, 2021
Getting Putin’s Intentions Wrong Again on Russia-Ukraine

In Ukraine, it appears easier to be an anti-Russian advocate than a pro-Russian voice. At play is a fear factor aspect having to do with violence and the threat of legal action.

May 22, 2021
BBC Limits and Related Censorship on Russia Coverage

The reasoning behind the Biden administration sanctions remain factually unfounded. In true reality terms, it’s not so difficult to demolish the tabloid image of “Russia’s Disinformation Ecosystem.”

April 14, 2021
CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About Russia-Ukraine Activity

Confrontation with Russia is in line with a sensationalist media, influenced by neocons, neolibs and flat-out Russia-haters.

February 27, 2021
Putting Artemi Panarin’s Situation in a Proper Perspective

In the U.S., sports-related bigotry has been condemned. Why should there be an exception to anti-Russian hatred?

December 7, 2020
Covering Russia: What Sucks About The New York Times

NYT authors suggest that Russia initiated conflicts in the Soviet drawn boundaries of Ukraine and Georgia with an “iron-fisted playbook”. The reality is different.

November 17, 2020
Armenian-Azeri Dispute Offers Another Russia-Bashing Opportunity

No matter what a given person or entity does, some will always find fault, on account of having an overly biased and logic defying stance, Michael Averko writes.

September 21, 2020
Remembering Stephen Cohen

An accomplished academic, Cohen was the leading English language mass media TV talking head on Russia.

August 18, 2020
The U.S. Foreign Policy Establishment’s Obsession with Russia

With no disrespect to the SCF, the likes of CFR’s Carla Robbins are a greater motivator for him, Michael Averko writes.

August 12, 2020
The Censoring Cancel Culture Against Russia

The claim of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election remains factually quite suspect, especially when compared to some other countries.

May 24, 2020
What Evelyn Farkas, Trey Gowdy and Some Others Dubiously Have in Common

Since being in office, Trump’s Russia-related policies have calmed the Russia-unfriendly slant in the Republican establishment.