Matthew Ehret

Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review.

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August 10, 2020
The Brookings Hand Behind Russiagate Points Back to Rhodes Trust Coup on America

Animals are not less dangerous when they are wounded and desperate, and with the meltdown of Russiagate and the light increasingly shining on the British agents in America, these beasts are more dangerous than ever.

August 3, 2020
The Pentagon’s New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years of MK Ultra Psy Ops

If other civilizations exist, maybe it is our duty to take up the torch left to U.S. by JFK and go find them.

August 1, 2020
The Sprit of Apollo-Soyuz Is Alive… With the Russia/China Space Alliance

But a much unhappier fate may await our children and grandchildren which would make World War II look like a cake walk.

July 30, 2020
Will Entropy Define the New World Paradigm?

The fixed rules of scarcity defined by the limits of the earth, resources, agricultural potential, energy access (and soon carbon quotas) are likened to the walls of the glass tank to be controlled by an elite class of alphas.

July 22, 2020
Soros’ Sophistry and the Fight to Shape a New Economic Science

“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature, and that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature, and therefore, part of the mystery that we are trying to solve” – Max Planck.

July 15, 2020
The Great Reset Fraud

While the new reset green system promises to feature more regulations onto finance, will those regulations be controlled by sovereign nation states in the interests of the general welfare of their people?

July 12, 2020
The Fall of Plahotniuc and a New Hope for Moldova

Regardless of whether or not Plahotniuc is extradited sooner or later, the game is most certainly up, and beginning in late 2019, Moldova began to reclaim its ancient heritage as a keystone in China’s East-West Silk Road.

July 7, 2020
Putin’s Vision for an Anti-Fascist/Open System Future and You

If Russia, America, China and other nations were to apply their best minds to solving these problems rather than fall into a new arms race, then not only would either country benefit immensely, but so too would humanity more broadly.

July 4, 2020
The International Dimensions of 1776 and How an Age of Reason Was Subverted

This July 4th, a larger-than-usual shadow is cast upon America which has come face-to-face with some serious historic reckonings.

July 1, 2020
Why Canada Failed the ‘Ben Franklin Challenge’ in 1776

Canada, as it was founded on July 1st, 1867 by the British Empire, was to serve as a wedge separating the potential U.S./Russia alliance