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Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review.

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November 8, 2019
How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship: A Lesson From 1933

While everyone knows that the 1929 market crash unleashed four years of hell in America which quickly spread across Europe under the great depression, not many people have realized that this was not inevitable, but rather a controlled blowout.

November 5, 2019
Living Under the Spectre of Hyperinflation: 1923 Weimar and Today

Whether London will manage to succeed in 2020 pushing a fascist de-carbonization (ie: depopulation) scheme onto the world where their 1920 Monster failed remains to be seen.

November 1, 2019
The Middle East’s New Post-Regime Change Future

With the transformation of the rules of the “Great Game” in the Middle East, a sweeping set of development / reconstruction programs led by China now have a chance to become hegemonic across the formerly hopeless, terrorist-infested region.

October 31, 2019
Carney’s Green Crypto Currency: Precursor to a Financial Meltdown

The only reason why the Bank of England’s green digital currency is taken seriously is because westerners have become detached from reality believing that a nation could magically exist as a services economy without producing.

October 28, 2019
Russia-Africa ‘Shared Vision 2030’: Alternative to Neo-Colonial Pillage

Unlike the west, Russia has the advantage of having encouraged African development during the dark days of the Cold War and is thus infinitely more trusted than the west.

October 24, 2019
How the Deep State Overthrew the Last Nationalist Government of Canada… in 1963!

It is a fitting moment to pause and review some of the leading battles against the hives of Malthusian technocrats who infested western society in the wake of WWII and overthrew the last genuinely nationalist federal government of Canada in 1963.

October 15, 2019
The Art of the Flank: India and Other Asian Nations Join the Polar Silk Road

The best partnerships occur when all participants have special talents to bring to the relationship which makes a whole more powerful than the sum of its parts.

October 12, 2019
Nationalism Doesn’t Mean Isolationism: Why Bertrand Russell Is Wrong

When a global sociopathic system goes into hyper-drive to destroy President Trump, you should take it very seriously.

October 2, 2019
Central Bankers Go Green… Why?

There has always been a carrying capacity to humanity and no one should try to deny that. What green technocrats hate to admit is that humanity’s carrying capacity is very different from that found among all other species of life in the biosphere.

September 28, 2019
The Battle Over Hong Kong: New Silk Road or New World Order?

China has allied with a growing array of nations to create a comprehensive international program operating on every imaginable level of human activity which is essentially… creative.