Matthew Ehret

Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review. He is also the co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation.

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September 17, 2019
Bolton’s Firing Opens a New Potential for a Russia-China-USA Alliance

With President Trump’s long overdue firing of John Bolton on September 10th, a window into the battle between neocon zombies infesting the White House and Donald Trump was made visible once more.

September 10, 2019
Japan and Germany Hysterically Race to Shut Down Nuclear Power (and Their Sovereignty)

Since the shutdown Japan has been forced to increase its imports of oil, natural gas and coal. This dependency has not only subject it to the whims of the speculative markets, but also to the uncertain stability of the Middle East oil production.

September 6, 2019
Kissinger’s Adoration of the 1815 Congress of Vienna: A Master Key into Universal History

When Kissinger comes out promoting democratic revolutions against dictatorships on the one hand, and anti-revolutionary movements like the Congress of Vienna of 1815 on the other hand, rest assured that there is no contradiction.

September 2, 2019
America Loses Asia-Pacific as Full Spectrum Dominance Continues to Fail

Always working a little harder than most to stay a step below reality, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper made especially candid remarks this week that America’s INF pullout was timed for a targeting of forces against China.

August 28, 2019
The Jacobin Terror 1789-1794: Just Another Color Revolution?

Long before the term “color revolution” ever existed as part of our geopolitical lexicon, the technique of directing violence-prone mobs towards the overthrow of their governments had been honed over centuries.

August 25, 2019
South American Shockwaves Bring the New Silk Road Into the Americas as Neo-Liberal Order Crumbles

Over the past several years Latin America has become a strategic battleground which involves much more than merely “geopolitical power plays” between the USA vs China as many commentators are asserting.

August 17, 2019
The Anglo-American Origins of Color Revolutions & NED

Had Russia and China’s leadership not decided to unite in solidarity in 2012 when they began vetoing the overthrow of Bashar al Assad in Syria- followed by their alliance around the Belt and Road Initiative, then it is doubtful that the color revolution concept would be as well-known as it has become today.

August 12, 2019
How the Trilateral Commission Drove a Bankers’ Coup Across America

Under Carter’s reign, the Trilateral Commission overturned the last remnants of anti-imperial impulses left over from the vision provided by Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy, converting America into the self-destructive basket case we have come to know it as today.

August 10, 2019
The Misanthropic Bankers Behind the Green New Deal

The world has turned into a consumerist cult over the past few decades which has sacrificed long term thinking for short term gain and of course we need a re-organization of the system. Thunberg and the Green New Dealers aren’t wrong about that stuff. That’s all fine and dandy.

August 7, 2019
To Avoid a Collapse Means Restoring Glass-Steagall (Without the Green New Deal)

With the recent discussion of the collapse of the western system of banking (and neo-liberal ‘post-truth’ values more generally) a serious overview of the post-WWII stripping down of nation states is in order.