Matthew Ehret

Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review.

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November 26, 2021
Klaus’ Great Narrative: Locking the Plebs Into Plato’s Cave for the 21st Century

Unfortunately for the Davos Guardians, the reality of the New Great Narrative is a world devoid of those very principles that humanity requires to survive and thrive within our creative, reasonable universe.

November 17, 2021
Davos Billionaires Want to Save the Planet… Why Don’t Developing Countries Trust Them?

For the time being, the world’s developing sector is generally not going to accept being sacrificed on the altar of a new Gaia cult managed by a priesthood of Davos billionaires.

November 13, 2021
Mendeleyev, Witte and the Revival of Russia’s Lost Revolutionary Potential of 1905

The biosphere’s limits only dominate humanity’s destiny when we permit the law of the jungle, rather than the law of civilization, to shape our world… as all empires demand be so.

November 1, 2021
Why Putin Criticized the Bolshevik Counter Revolution: Trotsky, Parvus and the War on Civilization

Doesn’t Putin respect Soviet Russian accomplishments including the sacrifices made to put down Hitler? How could Putin be a true anti-imperialist if he is an anti-revolutionary?

October 26, 2021
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Transhumanism and the Cult of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

While Chardin is certainly a racist, in his defense he believed in vastly expanding eugenics for all races, and called for employing the best of science to improve the human gene pool, Matthew Ehret writes.

October 24, 2021
Putin Warns of League of Nations Revival: What Are the Implications?

It would do us well to take Putin’s words with full seriousness and avoid staining human history with another world war.

October 18, 2021
Debunking Anti-Chinese Psy Ops: Jesuits, Tavistock and the Battle for the Soul of China

It isn’t merely the domains of cultural warfare and religious cults that Xi Jinping has to worry about, but additionally hives of foreign-directed agents operating on a multitude of domains within China’s government and business community.

October 16, 2021
Debunking Anti-Chinese Psy Ops: Opium, Synthetic Cults and the Haunting of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Whether we are looking at religious sects masquerading as Christian or Muslim fronts, or Asian scientology-esque Falun Gong cults Xi Jinping has some messy problems to deal with both within China and abroad.

October 14, 2021
Debunking Anti-Chinese Psy Ops: Social Credit as Distasteful Necessity in an Age of Asymmetric Warfare

It is frightening how oligarchically-minded figures of a Great Resetting nature wish to use the structures of social credit to modify group behaviour under a post-Truth, depopulated/de-carbonized world order.

October 9, 2021
Cultural Warfare in the 20th Century: How Western Civilization Came Undone

Which future wins out in the unfolding battle over humanity will be shaped by the decisions and discoveries we make (or fail to make) in the days ahead, Matthew Ehret writes.