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May 21, 2014
German Biotech Lobbyism Echoes in Eurasia

Recent decision of German Poultry Association to allow use of genetically modified soy in poultry operation triggered new discussions on biotech food safety and GMO lobbyism. Consumers in the European Union should have the right to choose between organic and GMO food before the World Trade Organization neoliberal rules go into full effect… The EU agricultural sector is ineffective and extremely costly. Almost 40% of the total EU budget is still spent on the Common Agricultural Policy. In some countries political battles for agricultural subsidies take grotesque forms. For example, in March French farmers were so enraged at Brussels’ policy that they stormed into Paris' iconic Louvre museum with a herd of sheep, Euronews reported…

October 16, 2013
Who Will Pay Kyiv’s Bills?

Germany, an economic growth engine of the European Union and main Euro enthusiast, will soon have to deal with new overdue bills from the East (as if Greece debt was not enough). EU Ukraine Association Agreement will burden the European Union with another financial aid receiver and may herald end of the European welfare state…

August 28, 2013
Russia to Develop Nuclear Energy in BRICS Countries

Recent news on Fukushima leaks once again sparks public concern about nuclear security. System failure of Fukushima’s reactor built by Westinghouse-Toshiba (US-Japan) did a lot of harm to the image of atomic industry as a safe and stable energy source. Russia on its part lays stress on disaster prevention and safety issues. Russia’s state company Rosatom is ready to offer innovative nuclear solutions to fellow BRICS countries…

July 8, 2013
US-EU Spy Scandal Challenges Transatlantic Trade Talks

Snowden’s revelations have put a deep freeze on US-EU relations. Diplomats in Europe are searching for (and finding) bugs in their embassies. Influential politicians speak about this unprecedented betrayal of the transatlantic partnership. The popular German magazine SPIEGEL has published its bitter conclusion: «Berlin is a third-class ally». Can this super-scandal doom the trade talks with the US?..

June 27, 2013
Gas Exporting Countries to Gather in Moscow for Influential Forum

Members of the influential Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) will gather in Moscow 1-2 July 2013. Long-term contracts and infrastructure projects are reported to be high on the agenda. The GECF is an international club of major natural gas exporters including Russia, Iran, Qatar, Libya and Venezuela. Exporters strive to guarantee the stability of gas supplies, open new markets for this clean energy source and provide a balanced risk sharing mechanism between producers and consumers…

June 5, 2013
Kudankulam sees green light, some problems remain unsolved

Kudankulam is a nuclear power plant constructed by the Russian company Rosatom in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Construction process has been challenged by civil unrest and ridiculous new laws introduced by authorities. What is fuelling anti-nuclear protests and who is interested in slowing down the project by using semi-legal tricks?.. Such initiatives are unheard of in good industry practice and contradict the spirit of mutual trust in Russian-Indian economic relations. It is still questionable whether this provision could be applicable in this particular case. Bargaining over details should not create long-term regulatory risks, because Kudankulam has finally become the vital part of India’s emerging clean energy portfolio. 

May 30, 2013
Temelín: Strategic Growth Project for Russian-Czech Relations

Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas arrived in Russia on a four-day working visit late May, 2013. Trade and energy policy are among the topical issues for Prague and Moscow – 6% increase in turnover is good news for both parties. Infrastructure investment projects like Temelín nuclear power plant could be the cornerstone of successful bilateral cooperation. Temelín NPP means not only thousands new jobs, but also affordable energy for the Czech industry. It can truly be a safety net in times of European economic meltdown.

May 22, 2013
Who is Compromising «South Stream» in Europe?

The third and fourth sections of Russia’s «South Stream» will be completed by 2018. However, supranational structures in Brussels and their representatives in Berlin still cannot set forth a predictable and unified position on this project of undisputed geopolitical importance. Bureaucratic hurdles like «Third Energy Package» or even more mysterious «Southern Gas Corridor» create non-competitive and non-transparent advantage to the EU initiatives on the energy market…

May 14, 2013
Nuclear Industry Re-Energizing after Fukushima

Reconstructing nuclear confidence in post-Fukushima world is a long and painful process. But real-life energy demands especially in the developing countries predetermine a significant share of nuclear energy in their national energy consumption structure. Russian experience in this field can offer some interesting solutions to the decision-makers…

April 18, 2013
Europe Embraces Nord Stream Expansion

European countries, including the Netherlands, Finland and the United Kingdom expressed their interest in the expansion of Nord Stream. The third and fourth strings of the pipeline enjoy the highest level of political support in Europe. As a result Nord Stream will be the cornerstone of European energy security in the decades to come…