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May 20, 2015
Who Instigates Tensions to Explode Macedonia?

Squeezed between Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, the self-proclaimed region of Kosovo and Bulgaria Macedonia is facing an extremely explosive situation, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaking at the 125th Session of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in Brussels. The Russian Foreign Ministry has emphasized that Western organizers of extreme situations are trying to push Macedonia into the abyss of color revolutions…

October 3, 2014
Bulgaria: Obstacle on Way of South Stream

The people of Bulgaria face trials and tribulations. The country has been struggling against a political crisis since February 2013. And it seems to be everlasting; there is no light at the end of tunnel. The European Commission is trying to make Moscow renew gas deliveries to Ukraine in an attempt to find a «mutually acceptable temporary solution for the coming winter». At the same time the Commission blocks the construction of an alternative route to Europe going across the Bulgarian territory. The project is called South Stream. The idea has the support of leading European companies and the countries involved. Bulgaria has been chosen by the supranational structures in Brussels as an instrument of this, rather strange, policy of obstruction…

April 6, 2013
Bulgaria: The Phenomenon of Self-Immolation

There is little more than a month left for the protest movement currently gathering momentum in Bulgaria to climax before the parliamentary elections set for 12 May take place. An outburst of public activity can also be expected the very next day… The phenomenon of self-immolation is completely new for Bulgaria. However, an epidemic of self-immolations and the glorification of its victims on the Internet played its role in the fervour of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt. As is well-known, the motive for self-destruction was included as point 158 by Gene Sharp back in 1973 – «Self-exposure to the elements (self-immolation, drowning etc.)»… – as a way to move «from a dictatorship to a democracy»…