Finian Cunningham

Former editor and writer for major news media organizations. He has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages

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May 18, 2019
Trump’s Soft Cop-Hard Cop Routine on Iran

If Trump cannot begin acting like a statesman, what is needed is someone new in the White House who understands history, and legal and moral principles.

May 15, 2019
Who Really Gains from the Gulf Ship ‘Sabotage’

What’s really going on here is another brazen case of reality-inversion. American criminal aggression is, incredibly, again being laundered with a moral license by lying corporate mass media which have the gall to call their blatant war propaganda a “news service”.

April 6, 2019
Kurds in Fateful Triangle as US Moves to Redeploy IS Terror Groups

If the Kurds accede to Washington’s nefarious agenda, they run the risk of losing independence and being eviscerated from exploitation in endless dirty-war machinations by the Americans.

March 28, 2019
Why There’ll Be No US-Russia Reset Post-Mueller

The notion that Russia interfered in the US elections – even without Trump’s collusion – has become an article of faith among the American political and media establishment.

March 22, 2019
Russia Gives US Red Line on Venezuela

On Venezuela, Russia is having to remind the criminal American rulers – again – about international law and respect for national sovereignty, as Moscow earlier did with regard to Syria.

March 19, 2019
US Duplicity over Golan Demolishes Posturing on Crimea

If the Europeans meekly go along with the US move on Golan, then they too should shut their mouths and their moralizing sanctions over Crimea.

March 17, 2019
Trump Supporters in Denial over New Zealand Massacre

Anti-Trump media in the US, such as CNN and MSNBC, will always seek every opportunity to undermine Trump. Nevertheless, on the point of Trump’s dalliance with extremist rightwing groups and their ideological memes there is a valid criticism to be made.

March 14, 2019
Rubio’s Gloating Betrays US Sabotage in Venezuela Power Blitz

The obscenity of American imperialism is that it has inflicted huge social misery in Venezuela from years of sanctions and illegal confiscation of billions of dollars in assets belonging to the nation.

March 12, 2019
Germany’s Über Hypocrisy over Venezuela

Germany has taken the lead among European Union member states to back Washington’s regime-change agenda for Venezuela. Berlin’s hypocrisy and double-think is quite astounding.

February 22, 2019
Putin’s Self-Defense Warning Twisted as ‘Unacceptable Threat’ to US

Any objective observer can see that it is the US that is upping the ante for nuclear war. The jettisoning of the ABM is now followed by the US discarding the INF based on dubious, unverified claims.