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Former editor and writer for major news media organizations. He has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages

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July 13, 2020
Britain’s Gentleman Posturing Comes Undone With Absurd Hypocrisy

One can only hope for the day when the world will actually implement human rights justice and the government in London will be sanctioned to the hilt for the pariah that it truly is.

July 1, 2020
Russia Bounty-Hunter Story Another Pulp Fiction Release

What better way to alienate the military ranks than accuse Trump of turning a blind eye to intelligence reports of Russian-assisted murder of troops in Afghanistan?

June 28, 2020
Pseudo Trudeau’s Red-Faced Defeat to Ireland for Security Council Seat

Trudeau now has the red-faced embarrassment of explaining why his country lost out to Ireland in obtaining a seat on the UN Security Council.

June 26, 2020
Taking the PiS… Trump Embraces Poland to Spite Germany and Russia

Trump is pandering to Polish reactionary politics to offend both Germany and Russia. But this president doesn’t have a clue about the monster of reactionary forces in Poland that he is fomenting.

June 24, 2020
Washington Sailing on Collision Course With China

Forget about Chinese “portrayal”. It seems plainly factual that Washington is ramping up belligerence and instability in the Pacific.

June 21, 2020
Russia Can Play Crucial Role in Calming China-India Conflict

Russia is the only power with bona fides and credibility as an honest broker for resolving the India-China conflict.

June 19, 2020
So It’s OK to Erase Soviet Statues, but Not Western Imperialist Ones?

Taking down Soviet figures is an act of cultural vandalism that is serving a wider geopolitical agenda of hostility towards Russia.

June 16, 2020
Trump & Fox… Peddling Fake News for Military Coup

What the Seattle protest has dramatically shown is that heavy police power is not required for law and order to prevail.

June 11, 2020
Trump’s Touted Troop Pullout From Germany Is More Rift Than Gift

The latest kerfuffle about Trump purportedly taking troops out of Germany is merely reactionary wheels-within-wheels of a bigger and systematic hostile US posture towards Russia.

May 30, 2020
U.S. Lectures World on Human Rights as Cops Kill Blacks With Impunity

The shocking truth is that lynching of African-Americans in the U.S. is alive today as it was during the apartheid era of southern states and their Jim Crow segregationist laws which existed within living memory.