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July 25, 2021
The Only Way to Stop Global Warming

How was slavery ended in the United States? It became illegal for anyone to own slaves — and the way that this was done is that it became illegal for anyone to buy a slave. The same needs to be done now in order to avoid runaway global heat-up.

May 16, 2021
U.S. And Its Allies Try to Split the World in Two

America is using its post-WWII position of being the world’s hegemon, so as to compel every other nation either to join them (as a banana republic or vassal nation) or else to become their enemy by destroying them.

May 9, 2021
The Way Out of the Impasse Between Iran & U.S.

Biden chose an astoundingly stupid and arrogant policy of the U.S.&UK imperium, instead of criticizing and renouncing his immediate predecessors’ policies on these matters.

May 2, 2021
Covid-19-Policy Contest Between Libertarianism v. Socialism: The Latest Results

A great deal remains that is important to know but that is currently unknown about Covid-19, Eric Zuesse writes.

April 24, 2021
Information-Management in the U.S. Dictatorship

Instead of fearing to be held to account like the Nazis were at Nuremberg, America’s tyrants face no such international prosecutions whatsoever.

April 20, 2021
Russia Increases Its Defense, While U.S. Backs Down From Provoking WWIII

The stooge-President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, appears to be trapped between what he has promised to do — which is for Ukraine to retake both Donbas and Crimea — and what will be within his power to do.

March 23, 2021
Stupidity Rules Under Biden, Just As It Did Under Trump

Biden starts so deeply prejudiced so that he is even less intelligent, and more hostile toward Russia, than was George W. Bush, who had said he “looked in his eyes and saw his soul.” Biden says, instead, he saw no “soul”, but just a “killer.”

March 16, 2021
Do U.S. and UK Have the World’s Most-Censored Press?

How can democracy exist in a nation where none of the mainstream media, and few even of the non-mainstream media, are reporting the realities that all of the controlling billionaires want the public not to know?

March 9, 2021
Why It’s Necessary to End NATO

The only way to end America’s aspiration to control the entire world is to end NATO, because NATO was built upon that evil aspiration, Eric Zuesse writes.

February 26, 2021
America Condemns Putin & Xi but Supports Gangsters

If U.S. weapons are to be sold to a foreign country, then it’s an ‘ally’ and there is no investigation into any of that leader’s crimes. But if the weapons are to be used against a country, then whatever the person does is condemned-in-advance.