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October 17, 2020
U.S. versus China, and U.S. versus Russia

Whereas the U.S. requires other Governments to follow its instructions, and considers their own instructions to be moral demands, Russia and China and their allies reject — on principle — any country’s dictating to another.

October 11, 2020
The Shoddiness of ‘Big Think’ Media

Deceiving the public can be essential to the people who hold the real power. But, how long can it continue to succeed?

October 3, 2020
Why U.S. Has the Shortest Life-Expectancy of All Rich Nations

The U.S.’s future prospects, comparatively to other countries, certainly do not appear to be better in the coronavirus era than during the prior period. If anything, America’s prospects appear instead to have gotten even worse.

September 30, 2020
How Exceptional America Is

American exceptionalism is real. It’s not the type of exceptionalism that the regime’s propaganda claims to be the case, but nonetheless it is real.

September 27, 2020
Gallup: Americans Tend to Trust Only News That Confirms Their Beliefs; Highly Educated Americans Are by Far the Most Closed-Minded Group

Whatever democracy America might once have had is gone now. It has become replaced by a land of mass-deceptions, which are bought and sold.

September 20, 2020
Celebrating the Least Corrupt Country: Rwanda

You don’t know about it because Transparency International is funded by rich states, which they don’t want to be outshone by a third-world nation.

September 16, 2020
How U.S.’s Response to Covid-19 Could Precipitate 2nd Great Depression

America’s problems are deeper than just the two stooges that America’s aristocracy hires to front for it at the ballot-boxesб Eric Zuesse writes.

September 9, 2020
The South China Sea: What’s Really at Issue

The U.S. and its allies are today’s imperialistic fascists, and the U.N. can do nothing against them, Eric Zuesse writes.

September 1, 2020
Lancet Study Finds U.S. Has, by Far, the World’s Most-Overpriced Medical Care

Medical care is such an extreme necessity when a citizen needs it, so that they’ll pay whatever the system charges them for it — and investing in healthcare products and services is therefore enormously profitable in the United States.

August 24, 2020
People Who Are in Denial About Coronavirus

People who are in denial about coronavirus-reality avoid these numbers like the plague. Perhaps they do that because, to their libertarian ideology, these numbers are “the plague.”