Cynthia Chung

Cynthia Chung is a lecturer, writer and co-founder and editor of the Rising Tide Foundation (Montreal, Canada).

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March 26, 2020
The Art of Gaslighting

Let us recognise that it is within our duty and power to ensure this crisis is used to advance positive reforms of society, rather than passively permit ourselves to be gaslighted into accepting a dictatorship

March 14, 2020
A 70-Year War on ‘Propaganda’ Built by the CIA

We are bombarded day after day, hour after hour of reminders as to why the “enemy” is not human like us, not compassionate like us, not patient, just and wise like us.

March 8, 2020
Sugar and Spice and Everything Vice: the Empire’s Sin City of London

The world is so evidently run by criminal activity that at this point we have become dependent on its dirty money to keep afloat the world economy.

January 28, 2020
A Pax Americana or a Republic If You Can Keep It?

It seems quite evident to many that the United States has been consumed by the same ambition and thus fate with that of the Roman Empire.

January 19, 2020
Secret Wars, Forgotten Betrayals, Global Tyranny. Who Is Really in Charge of the U.S. Military?

Trump, who is under attack from all sides within his own country, is not in a position to hold the CIA accountable for its past and future crimes.

December 11, 2019
NATO Secretary General Targets ‘Rising China’: Why Cold War Newspeak Never Went Away

We need to grow up, and grow up fast. We cannot afford to be led by childish stories of the boogeyman and be governed by fear so easily any longer.

November 24, 2019
On Churchill’s ‘Sinews of Peace’

Let us not continue to remain shackled in despair and inaction but rather realise that there is a great opportunity still for the Century of the Common Man.

November 7, 2019
The ‘Greta Effect’: Are We Really This Time, for Certain Certain, Heading for the End Times?

The European civilization survived the mayhem of the Black Death because there were those who did not believe that this was the end of the world and sought to not only rebuild but improve upon the conditions of the past.

October 26, 2019
The Real Reason Why the West Is Upset Over the Syria-Turkey Debacle

Why is the Western press so concerned over the lives of the Kurdish people, when they have never cared about the murder and terror going on against the Syrian people, the Libyan people and the Iraqi people that has led to an enormous refugee crisis?

October 16, 2019
Russia and the United States: The Forgotten History of a Brotherhood

Both President Lincoln and Czar Alexander II recognised that the sovereignty of the individual and of a nation were intertwined and that Russia and the United States had become united in this cause.