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March 5, 2015
US PMCs Used for Arms Supplies to Ukraine

CyberBerkut is a group of Ukrainian hackers set to fight neo-fascism, nationalism and power abuse in Ukraine. It has gained access to the files on the mobile device of the Green Group PMC (private military company) official who has recently visited Kiev as a member of American military delegation… Two letters of Gregg Holmes, the CEO of the PMC, to the Ukrainian Armed Forces' Chief of Staff Muzhenko became public domain…

January 14, 2015
Centcom Accounts Hacked: Just Another Inconvenience for Pentagon or Harbinger of Big War?

On January 12, the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US military command were suspended for a few hours after being hacked by a group claiming to back Islamic State. The United States Central Command (US Centcom or Centcom) is a theatre – level Unified Combatant Command of the US Department of Defense with the area of responsibility to include the countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia… It’s not an easy walk to hack the accounts of US state agencies, especially the Department of Defense, which allocates billions for enhanced cyber defense. Whatever it is – phishing or imperfect defense – the fact is that a US state structure went under a successful attack. The jihadists accomplished the mission…

November 26, 2014
What is Implied by Weimar Format of Talks on Ukraine?

…It strikes an eye that the United States started to change rhetoric on Ukraine. Before the US advanced its goals at the talks along with the promises to grant new loans. Now it has changed – Kiev is told it won’t be given money anymore. Senator Benjamin Cardin, the Chairman of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, said at the Commission’s session devoted to the fight against corruption that the United States will help Ukraine but provide no money for fraud schemes. This is an intriguing scenario. What will Kiev do under the circumstances? On the one hand, Kiev depends on Washington and has little wiggle room. On the other hand, the Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk groups have cemented their positions and established firm control over the corruption flows during the nine months that have passed since the coup d’état. It’s not that easy to shake their positions…

October 18, 2014
Ukraine Steals Attention in Milan – no Progress Reached

…The West is reluctant to get to the bottom of what is happening in Ukraine and continues to adopt a rather speculative approach. The Milan talks have brought about no progress. There is a sustained perception that as soon as the United States gets one way or another involved in the tripartite EU-Ukraine-Russia negotiations the progress on the Ukrainian issue immediately hits snags and becomes stymied. Perhaps Washington believes that the continuation of crisis allows killing two birds with one stone – it makes Ukraine shoulder the double burden to plunge the country into the managed chaos and weakens Europe and Russia as they conduct sanctions and anti-sanctions war. 

September 24, 2014
Poroshenko Goes to America. Looking at Visit Results

Kiev had great expectations of the event in belief the Obama-Poroshenko talks would go beyond friendship and support assurances to bring about some practical results too… The insignificant visit results and the consent to conclude the armistice resulted in growing opposition to the President of Ukraine… Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is considered to be one of «war party» leaders… He is showing restraint. Before the parliamentary election the Prime Minister will be on the fence while maneuvering between Poroshenko and his opponents and doing his best to make appear that there is consensus found within the ranks of Ukrainian political elite. Washington is supposed to support Yatsenyuk to use after the election as leverage to influence President Poroshenko… The US final mission is to destabilize Ukraine making Russia concentrate all the efforts on the problem to the detriment of other foreign policy issues. America provides Poroshenko with enough aid to make the conflict keep on smouldering and never end…

September 15, 2014
European Union and Ukraine: Geopolitical Ambitions Going Too Far

The European Union is reluctant to recognize the fact that the decision by former President Yanukovych to postpone the conclusion of the association agreement was made in view of grave problems. That’s what influenced his decision. These problems plunged the country with the population of 45 million into chaos provoking the ongoing civil war and exacerbating the situation in Europe as a whole. Is not an extremely high price to pay for exorbitant ambitions of European politicians? 

August 27, 2014
Fergusson: Melting Pot Seething to Explode

In the US they like to say that the country is a huge melting pot, a place where different people or different cultures all come together and begin to merge and mix. Things that divide people disappear as they become 100% Americans. This concept has always been questionable, but political correctness has made sharp social problems drop out of the national political discourse agenda being hushed up or declared non-existent… It’s hard to day if Fergusson is a beginning of country-wide wave of protests, something like the Maidan square in Kiev. It could be as a lot of things have changed in the United States since the tragedy took place. This time the wave of protests hit about 100 US cities, including Los Angeles and New York. This is a phase in American history that will impact the country’s future. 

August 20, 2014
Europe: Falling Victim to US Pressure

It’s evident that the European Union is not ready for this turn of events. Instead of bowing to Western sanctions Russia responds in kind imposing the sanctions of its own. Only now Europeans appear to understand that the economies of Russia and the European Union are closely intertwined and that obediently dancing to the tune of the United States leads nowhere… Finally, the United Stated exerted pressure to make Europe impose sanctions against Russia. It will result in further schism inside the European Union which is had been divided enough even before the sanctions were introduced.

July 25, 2014
Boeing Disaster: Washington’s Lies and Kiev’s Silence

On July 21 the Russian Ministry of Defense held a briefing and displayed the data to prove the fact that a number of Ukrainian Buk-M1 air defense systems were deployed in the vicinity of Donetsk at the time of Malaysian aircraft disaster. The 9С18 «Kupol» radar activities were especially intensive. It became known that a Ukrainian Su-25 was scrambled to accompany the airliner… Kiev has nothing to say… Washington dodged the discussion… There is only one explanation. The information provided by Russian Ministry of Defense proves that the Ukrainian military could have shot the airliner. Moscow knows Washington has data which testifies to it. Making public the fact that a US satellite with the operational capabilities enabling it to provide the needed imagery was hovering over the place of the crash has driven Washington to the wall…

July 24, 2014
MH17 Disaster and American Hoodlums

…The European restraint on the Boeing issue and the situation in Ukraine in general is explained by two main reasons. First, Europe resists the US pressure concerning the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions… The second reason is even more important. It is connected with the history of Europe. While the first reaction of US media was the topic of «pro-Russian» terrorists and recalling the Lockerby terrorist act, Europeans remembered the assassination archduke Franz-Ferdinand is Sarajevo which triggered the First World War. It may be hard to understand for America, but Europe does its best to avoid the repetition of tragic stories of the past… From this point of view, Americans and their puppets in Kiev behave like hoodlums running amuck with a stricken match around a warehouse full of dynamite loudly calling on others to join the mad race…