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December 22, 2013
Vitali Klitschko’s American Coaches

It has become the custom in independent Ukraine that there is not a single government ministry or agency and not a single political party in parliament besides the communists where "quiet Americans", or Britons, or Germans, have not ensconced themselves in order to tell the Ukrainian politicians and officials how they should run the country. And this is not likely to change if Vitali Klitschko becomes the next president of Ukraine. … It is interesting to take a look at just what kind of companies are mediating in contacts between Klitschko and the U.S. Congress and American government agencies, as well as advising his staff on organizing the early presidential race …

April 14, 2012
Soros’s Virus Sneaking Into the Open Government Partnership

The first annual conference of the Open Government Partnership, an international group set up in New York by the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Africa in September, 2011, will open in Brazil on April 17, 2012… The countries which join the partnership and subscribe to what might be perceived as completely rational commitments to fight corruption and to empower the civil society vis-a-vis the bureaucracy unwittingly end up being controlled or heavily influenced by the organizations with the reputations of U.S. “soft power” instruments…

January 26, 2012
US electoral system, or Freedom House up to its usual tricks

What is the difference between a good teacher and a bad teacher? A good teacher is at least the one who is able to solve the task he gives to his students. That is why I have always been puzzled by the fact that while “introducing democracy” all over the world Americans are evading this natural teaching “do as I do” method… The question is: why? It is simply because the electoral system in the “stronghold of democracy” is far from matching the concept of “the rule of people”. If it is introduced in Ukraine or in Russia it will lead to a big scandal…

March 23, 2011
What Ukraine and Russia should do to avoid Libya’s fate

I feel sorry for Libyans. But similar fate also expects other nations, which have rich natural resources – oil, gas, ores, arable lands and fresh water.  Though these resources were given to them by God “the new Crusaders” think that they don’t deserve these gifts. We should be ready that the Libyan scenario may repeat in other countries…