Alastair Crooke

Former British diplomat, founder and director of the Beirut-based Conflicts Forum.

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October 19, 2020
The Two Undersides to Geo-Politics

All signs point to China wielding more influence over global technological standards. Equally certain is that the backlash from the U.S. is building.

October 12, 2020
The Barbarians Are Threatening Us!

Explosive geo-political distrust is the belief that those states who disagree with you are not just wrong, but illegitimate and always threatening.

October 5, 2020
The Double De-Coupling

The defining event of this post-Covid era will likely be the U.S. de-coupling from China – in tech and media spheres.

September 28, 2020
U.S. Temperature Rising: The Creaking Electoral Machinery May Crack

Trump’s crusade against voting by mail may prove to be a strategically sound expression of his plan for the Interregnum.

September 23, 2020
And Then What? – We Daren’t Not Look Into the Abyss

The election is configured as a ‘crusade’ against cosmic evil – a devil, or demiurge. The two sides seem to mirror each other in these passions.

September 14, 2020
Maintaining Pretence Over Reality: ‘Simply Put, the Iranians Outfoxed the U.S. Defence Systems’

So it never was then a ‘peace agreement’ between Israel and the UAE. It was ‘normalisation’ for mounting a military alliance against Iran.

September 7, 2020
Espying Some Contours of Foreign Policy Amidst the Turmoil

Whereas the November election formerly had been perceived as a referendum on Trump, events have moved on.

August 31, 2020
The Dissolution of Liberal Universalism

Our naive faith that liberalism, derived from the political traditions of Northern Europe, would conquer the world has now been shattered for good.

August 24, 2020
The Quiet American Reset

Something profound – and separate from ‘tech de-coupling’ – is already shaping the global monetary order (quite apart from likely Chinese exclusion).

August 17, 2020
Wolves Prowl Team Biden Borders, Scenting Opportunities

Harris is ‘woke’ on social issues, yet has been notably zealous in incarcerating pot-smoking LA youths and drew little black support in the primaries.