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The International Soft Power of Hardball

Baseball is a cornerstone of Cuba but the problem is that the MLB will always be bigger and always be in America. This is a dynamic that does not work in Cuba’s favor and Trump understands this.

Senate-Aborted Green New Deal Is Not Dead

The promise of a Cultural / Environmental Revolution as a campaign promise when running for the Presidency of the United States could win Ocasio-Cortez the Oval Office or at least the youth vote.

Democrat Red Scare Finally Fails

If Trump were to say fly to Alaska, as close to Russia as possible then grant every state with an noteworthy independence movement freedom to leave the USA then this would be the kind of betrayal that should get the Orangeman...

Is NATO Going South?

NATO is an anti-Russian alliance. Whether this is good or bad is up to the reader but the fact is that it was born for this purpose and continues to exist primarily for this purpose today.