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America the Punitive

What do Russia, Turkey and Iran have in common? All are on the receiving end of punitive action by the United States over allegations of misbehavior that have not been demonstrated.

The Madness Gripping Washington

The United States and Israel have been threatening Iran for something like twenty years, using the pretext that it was developing a nuclear weapon initially, but also more recently declaring that Tehran has become a threat to the...

The Establishment Strikes Back

The idea that the US government identified twelve culprits who were responsible for trying to overthrow American democracy is by any measure ludicrous, if indeed there was a major plan to disrupt the election at all.

Washington’s Gunboat Diplomacy

Trump, who appears to have no Latin America policy apart from punishing “socialist” Cuba and Venezuela, persists in his support of a military incursion as a possible option, citing Reagan-era interventions in Panama and...

Imperial Hubris Redefined

There is no rational US interest to establish a space military or to create a global sanction against Iran, but it is clear that the Trump Administration does not care much for genuine interests.