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Cruising for a Bruising with Russia

Another change in last sentence of paragraph 5 to substantiate the rebels ability to use chemical weapons, as well as an improved prose change. Added hyperlink included. In paragraph six, there's a change to give Goldfarb's...

Overhyping US-Russian Differences

The sport of professional ice hockey has a definite egalitarian aspect, lacking in some other situations, like the phony, crony, baloney establishment BS, prevalent within some other circles.

Countering Anti-Russian Propaganda

Anti-Russian bigotry is a reality which Borenstein can't legitimately deny. He and some others can ignore instances like the treatment accorded to James Clapper, the bigoted legacy of the National Captive Nations Committee and...

IOC Succumbs to Anti-Russian Pressure

Whatever the Russian participation in Pyeongchang, Russian fans should proudly wave their country's tri-color, while loudly chanting Rossiya! Symbolically, these acts will serve as a well deserved middle finger to the...