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How Democracy Ended

If the situation is hopeless, everyone should at least have the opportunity to understand it. Because, if the aristocracy are the only people who understand it, there can’t be any hope for democracy, at all.

Trump’s Libertarianism

US President Donald Trump contradicts himself all the time; all of the progressive promises he made during his campaign were dropped as soon as he won the White House, and only his conservative promises are being implemented under...

How Facebook, Etc., Suppress Key Truths

The entire major media, and almost all of the ‘alternative’ media, are owned or otherwise controlled by the ruling aristocracy and censor out crucial facts that disprove allegations that the government wants the public...

Syria: What Just Happened

If the investigation does not find that a banned chemical was used by the Syrian Government in Douma, then incontrovertibly the US-and-allied invasion was a criminal one under international laws, though there may be no international...