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Ukraine: From Crisis to Catastrophe
Lavrov: Kiev issued 'criminal order' allowing use of weapons against civilians
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Kiev Deploying Army Against Ukrainians Would Be Serious Crime – Putin...

Kiev military op: Ukrainian army tanks, APCs, troops attack Slavyansk...

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Right Sector's "Donbass" battalion to assist crackdown on federalists in eastern Ukraine...

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Kiev must immediately deescalate east Ukraine crisis, call back troops - Moscow...

Bomb kills police general in Cairo - security...

Report on CIA interrogations shadows Gitmo trials...

Supporters of Ukraine’s federalization picketed mayor's office in Kharkiv...

US Troops to Arrive for Exercises in Lithuania...

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Why Are Southern and Eastern Ukraine Rebelling?

The popular protest in the southeastern regions of Ukraine against the nationalists who carried out an armed coup d’état in Kiev is being linked - at the instigation of the U.S. State Department - with Russia's interference in the internal affairs of a neighboring country. In fact, the outbreak of the civil protest movement in these industrial regions has nothing to do with the supposed schemes of Russian intelligence agencies. The immediate impetus for current events came from the seizure of power in Kiev by interest groups with an aggressive anti-Russian ideology; the deeper cause of the movement is rooted in the ethnic composition of the population and the history of the settlement and development of these lands...

Alexander DONETSKY | 23.04.2014


That’s the Way it Started 70 Years Ago: Bloody Easter in Sky over Belgrade

Seventy years ago the people in Belgrade became victims of air strikes delivered by British-US aircraft. It happened as the holiday was marked on April 16, 1944. This day went down in history as Bloody Easter... As the tradition goes, Serbia remembers in prayers those who died in April 1944 as well as those who lost lives in the even more horrible bombings of 1999. They all became victims of the West’s policy towards the Slav peoples of South-Eastern Europe...

Pyotr ISKENDEROV | 22.04.2014


Poland and Date of February 18: Before and After

...The date of February 18 is the date of the events viewed differently, the views that have become a dividing line for Penezhno and the whole country.  Poland will never become the country it had been before this date.  It was the first victim of German aggression and its WWII death toll is 6 million people (every fifth!). Only those, who share the ideas of Hitler, can lead a tranquil life there – the phenomenon is the division of national consciousness. This is the land that has seen Auschwitz and Maidanek. It’s like a contamination which is still giving up the smell of burning pipes. If someone can allow himself the luxury to glorify the fascist swastika and denigrate the memorials of Soviet soldiers, who freed Poland from the Nazi plague, then what we’re talking about is the verdict for the country, the government and the people...

Yuriy RUBTSOV | 23.02.2014


Made in Poland, or the Desecrators of Memory

In late October the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) handed down a decision on the «Katyn case» in favor of Russia; its final ruling on the complaint of the Poles' relatives was that Russia did not violate the European Convention on Human Rights in the Katyn case. On the eve of the ECHR decision, which makes it impossible to further politicize the topic of Katyn, a scandal broke out surrounding the erecting of a «sculpture» in Gdansk of a soldier in a helmet with a star on it raping a pregnant woman with the barrel of a gun in her mouth...

Nikolai MALISHEVSKI | 04.11.2013


European Hyenas. 75th Anniversary of Munich Pact

There are anniversaries in the political calendar of Western democracies that London, Washing-ton, Paris and Warsaw world prefer to skip. One of such events took place exactly 75 years ago on September 30, 1938 when prime-ministers of Great Britain and France - Neville Chamberlain and Eduard Daladier - signed the Munich Pact with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini allowing the aggressors to grab Czechoslovakia. The United States supported the deal. No matter how hard one tries to delete or blur over this ignominious page in the history of Western diplomacy, the peoples’ memory is too strong to make it forgotten. Indeed, the Munich Pact cannot be consigned to oblivion – it started WWII...

Yuriy RUBTSOV | 02.10.2013


Handshakes and diplomacy belie America’s new Cold War

...Putting these two ominous developments in perspective – the continuation of the long historical trend of destabilizing Russia’s borders with violent dissident groups, from Nazi war criminals and partisans to today’s various Jihadist networks, plus the expansion of nuclear threat – one is left with the compelling conclusion that Washington is not serious about fostering mutual relations, but rather is engaging in a new Cold War of hostile intent towards Moscow. The diplomatic handshakes, smiles and pseudo-agreements are merely window-dressing for what’s really in the American store.

Finian CUNNINGHAM | 12.05.2013


German Lies About War, Russians and Poles

The German movie, much talked about recently, is called «Our Mothers, Our Fathers» («Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter»). It is a symbol of Germany walking over a psychological milestone. Now the Germans think that, no matter what, the Wehrmacht soldiers were good guys. Even if they killed, it was done on order. At that, the Russian servicemen are painted exactly as Goebbels described them, barbarian and subhuman. It’s not all. «Our Mothers, Our Fathers» is not anti-Russian only, it is also defiantly anti-Polish...

Vladislav GULEVICH | 01.05.2013


Obama, an Activist in His Last Term?

In assessing the situation as President Obama begins his second term one very important point must be made – unlike most parliamentary democracies there is no leader of the opposition. Strangely, this works to the disadvantage of Mr. Obama... Probably the president’s biggest problem is to bring the American monetary situation under control... Perhaps Mr. Obama’s biggest problem is what to do with the Middle East...

Rafe MAIR | 04.03.2013


Lithuania: Stamped out Truth

The contemporary Lithuania uses the official interpretation of bloody events that took place in Vilnius on January 13 1991 as an ideological foundation for Russophobia-based confrontation with its eastern neighbor. It says “the Soviet soldiers committed an intentional murder of 13 unarmed people and one special operations serviceman”. The truth about what really happened, as well as the doubts over the official interpretation, are punishable crimes... Still, the truth about provocateurs-nationalists, who used automatic rifles and shot-guns to shoot at people down the street from the rooftops of buildings situated in front of TV tower, is coming into the open to be known by common people...

Nikolai MALISHEVSKI | 16.01.2013


Afghanistan under U.S. occupation

Washington's statements about the success of the Western mission in Afghanistan raise nothing more than sarcastic smiles. In reality there is no sign of a victory for the Western coalition. The war does not subside for a single day. In terms of one of the objectives of the operation - to ensure that members of the ousted Taliban government stand trial, the results of the 11-year campaign are zero. Afghanistan has returned to the «pre-Taliban» fragmented state. Provincial towns and even some villages have announced their independence from Kabul, and some even have their own armed forces. Combat operations take place almost every day. Frequently the soldiers and officers of the puppet government army, created and funded by the occupiers, are killing NATO troops... The entire Afghan economy is growing and processing narcotics...

Nikolai MALISHEVSKI | 28.12.2012

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    Alexander AKENTIEV

Letter to European Friends from Lugansk

...We discussed our problems with the OSCE mission. They published a false report which distorts the real state of things in Ukraine. The only country which supports us is Russia. That’s why there are many Russian flags hoisted at meetings and on barricades. That’s what we demand: 1. To hold a referendum on the status of our region as part of Ukraine. 2. To make Russian an official language so that it could be used in different spheres of life. 3.To free the kidnapped peaceful protesters. Is it too much? Does it justify the use of tanks against us?..

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