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Legionnaire “financial Maidan” in Russia
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Legionnaire “financial Maidan” in Russia

Supporter “Euromaidan” and a US citizen: who controls listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 25.12.2014


Why Germans Lose Trust in Media?

...By and large Ukrainian politicians don’t care about the Germany’s vision of prospects for peaceful solution to Ukraine’s crisis. The only thing they want from the European Union is money. Some Germans realize that. «Kiev chooses a military solution… the United States is to deliver arms while Europe is to prevent the Ukraine’s bankruptcy»,.. one of Spiegel’s readers writes in his post. But German media prefers to keep mum about it. To avoid stories about Ukrainian politicians try to wheedle out credits and assume an offended air when refused. German media outlets avoid stories about the suffering of Ukrainians who live near the battle front. They avoid stories about the abrupt deterioration of living conditions in Ukraine. But one cannot hide an awl in a sack. As a result, Germans start to lose trust in their national media, especially when it comes to reporting on Ukraine...

Natalia MEDEN | 24.12.2014


Is US-NATO Preparing to Wage War on Russia?

Is US-NATO Preparing to Wage War on Russia? The Wales NATO  Summit in September has set the stage. Several military initiatives directed against the Russian Federation have been launched in the last few months including the conduct of war games in Eastern Europe, military training and the deployment of special forces in Ukraine. 

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 21.12.2014


America Confronts Russia: Kiev Anti-Russian False Flag Planned?

A  previous article  discussed Russian economist/political analyst Mikhail Delyagin expecting a possible anti-Russian nuclear false flag.  Fort Russ  now cites intelligence “about impending terrorist attacks on Ukrainian strategic objects, which will justify an attack on Donbass.” Foreign nationals and relatives of senior Ukrainian officials were evacuated from border areas, it says.

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 18.12.2014


American Style Freedom for Ukraine or Hello to Arms!

On December 11, US Congress unanimously passed the measure titled Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 authorizing defensive weapons for Ukraine. That is exactly what the Ukraine’s government wanted since a long time ago. The Ukrainian lobby in the US applied efforts to push the bill through. The motion got full support of right wing radicals like Senator John McCain. The passing of the Act has become one more step on the way of escalating the Ukraine’s crisis and deteriorating the relations between Russia and the United States... The President will probably sign the bill into law to use the authorization depending on the situation. It should be noted that Obama loses initiative when it comes to foreign policy issues. The Democratic Party lost the recent elections making Biden and Kerry the persons who call the shots in the administration. The further shift of foreign policy to the right is possible. Swimming with the tide president Obama may start large-scale arms supplies to Ukraine even if he does not want to. 

Arkady DZIUBA | 16.12.2014


Congressional Foreign Policy Resolutions a Hint of Things to Come

In passing the so-called «Ukraine Freedom Support Act», the U.S. Congress has provided a hint of the foreign policy micro-managing in store for the Obama administration in its remaining two years in office. The Congress utilized every neo-conservative talking point and policy plank to include in the bill designed to punish Russia for the aftermath of the neocon-contrived fascist coup d’état in Kiev... Congressional action against Russia came at the same time the House and Senate passed a bill to punish current and former Venezuelan officials by denying Venezuelans visas and freezing their U.S. assets...

Wayne MADSEN | 15.12.2014


How Germany Was Partitioned. Lessons for Ukraine

Western nations have explained their support for Kyiv’s new post-coup regime by claiming they are trying to prevent Russia from destroying Ukraine as a single, unified state. However, it is increasingly evident that it is in fact Washington, Brussels, Bonn, and now Warsaw that are setting the stage for Ukraine’s dismemberment... It would be useful for Ukrainian patriots to keep in mind that the West has extensive experience dismembering one state after the Second World War - a state that was much more powerful and well established, although it had experienced a military defeat. That state was Germany. Since Germany is currently acting as cheerleader for the US stance on the Ukrainian question, it could be quite instructive to take a look at Berlin’s experiences during that period. Could Germany’s role in planning for the partition of Ukraine perhaps be revenge for the defeat of 1945, albeit on a smaller scale?..

Yuriy RUBTSOV | 10.12.2014


Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners - Paul Craig Roberts

The US House of Representatives has joined Hillary Clinton, Obama, the neoconservatives, Washington’s vassals, and the American and European presstitutes in demonizing Russia and President Putin. The House resolution against Russia is a packet of lies, but that did not stop the resolution from passing by a vote of 411 for and 10 against.

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 07.12.2014


Kiev Regime – a Disaster Awaiting Meltdown

Was the forced shutdown of the biggest nuclear power plant in Ukraine last week a result of the country’s fuel crisis? That crisis is itself a product to the political crisis that the Western sponsors have engendered in the country with the illegal coup in Kiev earlier this year. The Western-backed Kiev regime has claimed that there was «no threat» to public safety or the environment from the week-long closure of the nuclear reactor at Zaporozhiya. But with scant detail on the nature of the incident and given the regime’s total unreliability and unscrupulousness in other matters, there are grounds to be extremely cautious...

Finian CUNNINGHAM | 07.12.2014


Russia Confronts US’ Containment Strategy

The annual address to the Federal Assembly by the Russian president is an occasion to dilate on the state policies, but this year’s speech by Vladimir Putin on Thursday at the Kremlin’s St George Hall before a 1000-strong audience of the country’s elites was invested with special importance... In a memorable passage, Putin drove home that the struggle over Ukraine touches on the inner cords of the Russian psyche. He said Crimea is as sacred to the Russian nation as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is for the followers of Islam and Judaism. «And this is how we will always consider it». Wouldn’t the Americans know this only too well?..

Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR | 06.12.2014

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    Andrei VOLODIN

Italy – Russia: Peace Geopolitics in Eurasia

The international conference «The Great Infrastructure of Eurasia: New Industrialization and Geopolitics of Peace» (Le Grandi Infrastrutture Euro-Asiatiche: Nuova Industrializzazione e Geopolitica Della Pace) took place in Rome on November 27-28, 2014. It leaves the impression that Europe has begun to mull its future relationship with Russia. Pepe Escobar, a well-known international relations analyst, has said that Russia is wired for «playing the long game with the West» with tangible results to appear on «the grand chessboard» after some time. That is something to agree with. At that there is something more important in question than just a game to play or, perhaps, this is a game with a win-win outcome...

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