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Putin lashes out at US, West for destabilizing world
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The last round, or will Obama`s position on Russia save him?

One of Obama`s main directions of attack on Romney was on the «Russian Front». Barely concealing a sarcastic grin, the President said to his opponent: «Governor, I'm glad that you recognize «Al-Qaeda» as a threat, because a few months ago you thought that the greatest geopolitical threat to America was Russia ... but you probably know that the cold the war ended more than two decades ago»... However, there should also be no delusion, as during the years of the Obama administration, Russia became the main testing ground of modern American technology of «soft» or «smart» power on «not quite friendly territories»...

Dmitry MININ | 01.11.2012


As the Tumult and the Shouting Dies

Well, it’s all over but the voting and in my not terribly humble opinion, President Obama will win in a canter. As Winston Churchill said about prognosticators, I must not only be able to make accurate forecasts but be able to explain afterwards why they didn’t happen. I’m surprised that Mitt Romney did as well as he did – indeed if he gets wins in a few key states such as Ohio and Florida, I’ll likely be eating crow on November 13...

Rafe MAIR | 25.10.2012


Elections of Self-Destruction

According to voluminous polling data, nearly half of all likely voters intend to vote for Romney and other Republicans this year, notwithstanding the party's now slavish devotion to 1) supply-side economics (cutting tax rates, especially on the wealthy and on corporations, on the avowed assumption that this will generate economic growth, and thus serve to enhance tax revenues to compensate for the taxes lost by virtue of lower rates) and 2) trimming the public sector of the economy (because, as they insist categorically, the public sector is wasteful in everything it does)... How, then, are we to understand the decision of approximately half of the country to vote against its own economic interests?..

David KERANS | 25.10.2012


Mitt Romney Prospects for US-Russia relations

The last 10 years the US foreign policy suffered serious setbacks. The two terms of George Bush brought about great damage to the US global stance. If Romney does what he says he will deliver the second blow to his country’s global interests. By and large it’s the same platform John McCain tried when a presidential candidate. He lost to Obama but the difference was only 6%, no great shakes for the Democrat. The numbers of US voters filled with discontent and frustration is a serious force to reckon with. It results in Tea party, neo-cons movement and other groups calling for restoration of Pax Americana. Romney tries to meet their aspirations. It’s a well thought strategy...

Andrei AKULOV | 19.10.2012


Privatization and Failed Government in the US

...Notwithstanding the galloping dysfunction in corporate-dominated Washington, the public sector of the US economy will not disappear, nor will all of the country's public assets disintegrate. The benefits Americans have enjoyed from these assets stand to shrink, however, and the bite may be fierce indeed. The police department of Detroit has just offered a poignant reminder of this, declaring their city so dangerous that it is unsafe to enter, and warning that they are not capable of responding when needed. In more ways than one, and sooner rather than later, the great mass of Americans will have reason to regret the retreat of their government...

David KERANS | 18.10.2012


The Defining Moment

...For every president since FDR, the Middle East has been a headache of migraine proportions with Israel being the one constant factor. For the US to support Israel is very expensive and serves, at the very best of times as a major source of anger in the Muslim world. If the US were to cease funding and supporting Israel God only knows what would happen in the Middle East there and what profound impact it would have on voters, not just the Jewish Lobby. With Benjamin Netanyahu apparently slavering at the thought of attacking Iran. both candidates are having difficulty with the Middle East as a campaign issue...

Rafe MAIR | 04.10.2012


Romney's Foreign-Policy Advisors a War-Minded Crew

...It is objective reality that unexpected and deplorable developments - hostilities erupting here and there or smashing terrorist attacks – benefit Romney. This was the case, for example, with the obscurely sourced Innocence of Islam - coincidentally, neocon quarterback W. Kristol called in a paper published last May in The Washington Post for a war against politicized Islam, in which the front was supposed to stretch from Pakistan to Tunisia. Kristol, in particular, let out a stream of invective against Egypt and Turkey, asserting that Islamist regimes should be removed. A crusade against Islam must be brewing...

Igor IGNATCHENKO | 03.10.2012


A «Price Tag» October Surprise in September for Obama

Manufacturing twin political crises: one over a controversial American and/or Israeli-made anti-Muslim film that resulted in the siege of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the deaths of four personnel, including the U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens, and a very tense Chinese-Japanese crisis over the disputed Diaoyu (as they are known in Chinese) or Senkaku (as they are known in Japanese) uninhabited islands in the East China Sea that could bring the U.S., via its treaty obligations with Japan, into a conflict with China, have rocked the Obama administration’s foreign policy...

Wayne MADSEN | 20.09.2012


Ladies And Gentlemen, Place Your Bets

The Quadrennial Quandry has officially started...President Obama does have one advantage over Mr. Romney - he’s easier to like and looking back at winners like Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan, that can count for a great deal. Maybe when all’s said and done, it will turn out like a Boston friend of mine hopes - the public will see Barak Obama as the kind of guy they’d like to have a beer and talk politics with on a pleasant summer’s eve…  

Rafe MAIR | 17.09.2012


Obama and Romney agree to disagree

It is tempting to view the differences between the manifesto of the Democrats and the Republicans in the November presidential election in the United States as differences between Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee in Lewis Caroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There... Indeed, there are striking similarities between the foreign-policy platforms of the Democrats and the Republicans, which would further corroborate that the US has only one foreign policy...

Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR | 10.09.2012

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Kiev Elections Can’t Sanitise State of Mob Rule

The Kiev regime’s parliamentary elections this weekend are set to go ahead amid an atmosphere of rampant political street violence and intimidation – and that’s not in the war-torn eastern part of Ukraine. The parliamentary elections were called in June by the then elected President Petro Poroshenko as a way of legitimising the illegal coup against the Ukrainian government that occurred four months previously with the support of the American Central Intelligence Agency... In the paraphrased words of Abraham Lincoln, no electoral process can sanitise the glaring fact of Kiev’s rule of the mob, by the mob, for the mob.

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