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Preparing Ukraine for a Proxy War with Russia
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Egypt at Crossroads: Reckoning with Reality

...Egypt is the largest Arab state and has all the resources and opportunities to become the driving force for the economic development of the entire region... The interim government should be given a chance, it does not exclude the Brotherhood from the process (rather the Brotherhood excludes itself) and the international community may and should play a positive role. Egypt is going through hard times and it needs a helping hand, not rebukes and sanctions. It has announced the intention to cede power to elected officials. This option is much more preferable than prolonged chaos and civil war in the country with the population exceeding 80 million people.

Andrei AKULOV | 21.08.2013


The Escalation of the Crisis in Egypt

...The defeat of Islamists in Egypt is evidence of the collapse of Western policy in the Arab world with its support of Islamism. Such support only seems absurd at first glance; in reality, it is pursuing strategic objectives, including the removal of undesirable regimes and entire state formations. The nationhoods of Iraq and Libya have virtually been destroyed, while attempts to destroy Syria are still going on. The media is reporting on the seizure of maps during searches of a number of Egyptian NGOs financed by the US showing Egypt split into four parts. The old political formula of «divide and rule» is still going strong...

Boris DOLGOV | 20.08.2013


Egypt’s Junta Has Nothing to Lose

The appointment of Robert Ford as the new American ambassador to Egypt was indeed an ominous sign that the Obama administration expected civil war conditions to arise in Egypt. Ford’s forte during his hugely successful «diplomatic» assignment in Baghdad in the middle of the last decade was to organize the notorious death squads, which tore Mesopotamia apart and destroyed Iraq almost irreparably... Ford is the living embodiment of the stunning reality that between the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, there has been no real shift in the United States’ policies in the Middle East aimed at perpetuating its regional hegemony...

Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR | 16.08.2013


Great Game Around Egypt

Egypt has declared the state of emergency  because the "security and order of the nation face danger due to deliberate sabotage, and attacks on public and private buildings and the loss of life by extremist groups," as the presidency said in a statement. Vice-President Mohammed El Baradei has announced his resignation from the interim government disagreeing with the use of force...Whatever it is, the period of uncertainty in Egypt is over. The country on the Nile with the population of 85 million has stepped into an open conflict on August 14. Now a lot will depend on the Egyptian government which should take decisive and well-calculated actions to prevent an Islamist revolt…  

Dmitriy SEDOV | 15.08.2013


Egypt: The First Defeat of Political Islam Since the Start of the «Arab Spring»

The defeat of the Islamists in Egypt has great international significance and changes the balance of power in the Middle East. The position of political Islam in the Arab spring zone and among the forces supporting the Islamists has been seriously shaken... And while Islamism which makes use of terror will continue to operate, its revenge, even with the support of the West, is unlikely...

Boris DOLGOV | 18.07.2013


Neither Coup nor Revolution: Egypt’s US-Backed Deep State Reasserts Control

The numbers and claims are conflicting, but it seems that the Egyptian army has indeed committed a cold-blooded massacre – killing between 30 and 54 people and wounding hundreds more, including children, in the capital, Cairo, according to various media sources. The bloodshed pushes the North African country to the brink of civil war, already roiled by weeks of violence, with dozens dead in street clashes between opposing political factions, that culminated last week in the country’s army deposing the elected Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi...

Finian CUNNINGHAM | 10.07.2013


Turkey and Israel: Back in the Saddle Again and Aiming at Syria

...The Sunday Times of London reported that an unnamed Israeli official told the paper that the long-term goal of Washington and Jerusalem is the creation of a Sunni bloc in the Middle East composed of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and a Sunni-controlled Islamic state in Syria that would have Israel as a de facto member. The Shi’a-led government of Iraq would be checked by its autonomous Kurdish north also joining the Sunni bloc since relations between the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq and Turkey are relatively good. The actions of the Obama administration, which has decided for the first time in American history, to take sides in a religious war between Sunnis and Shi’as, point in the direction of the creation of a new version of the old Cold War-era Central Treaty Organization (CENTO)...

Wayne MADSEN | 09.07.2013


Egypt: Takeover Short of Military Coup

What bad luck the Syrian President Bashar Assad’s enemies have had recently! They have lost Al-Qusayr. Qatar and Turkey have to grapple with instability. The strategically important city of Homs is on the verge of falling into the hands of government troops, Egyptian President Morsi is deposed. I wonder what will happen after Aleppo is freed, will the king of Saudi Arabia resign or will someone among Western sponsors of Assad’s enemies lose face once and for all? Doom and gloom appears to be perusing those guilty of unrighteousness and wrongdoing aimed to damage the ancient land of Syria with its historic roots going to the times of the Bible...

Dmitry MININ | 07.07.2013


America’s Plan B in Egypt: Bring Back the Old Regime

Morsi’s fall sends a negative message to all of America’s allies. Everyone in the Arab World, corrupt and just alike, is more aware than ever that an alliance with Washington or Tel Aviv will not protect them... An empire that cannot guarantee the security of its satraps is one that will eventually find many of its minions turning their backs on it or betraying it. Just as America’s regime change project in Syria is failing, its time in the Middle East is drawing to an end. Those who gambled on Washington’s success, like the Saudi royals, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, will find themselves on the losing side of the Middle East’s regional equation...

Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 06.07.2013


Morsi’s Fall and the «Arab Summer» Spells Doom for the Obama Doctrine

President Barack Obama’s policy toward the Arab and Muslim world was born in Cairo and it died there... Egypt’s new interim government, a newly-emboldened Assad, Lebanese Hezbollah, and Turkey’s secular opposition won the day against those who would take the Arab Middle East back to the thirteenth century. The Obama Doctrine was punched, kicked, and beaten in Tahrir Square. As America celebrated Independence Day, Egyptians celebrated their own independence from a regime that was the product of secret think tanks and planning sessions involving the most cursed names in the Middle East today: Brennan, Rice, Power, Rhodes, Hillary Clinton, and Patterson...

Wayne MADSEN | 05.07.2013

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    Pyotr BODROV

The OSCE in Ukraine and Russian Spring

In connection with the deepening crisis in Ukraine, representatives of several OSCE missions have famously arrived in the country. On 21 April, I had occasion to talk with two long-term observers with the OSCE Election Observation Mission, Anthony Robinson (Great Britain) and Lester Margosian (USA)... I got the impression that the mission is occupied with serious analytical work... The objectives and possible outcomes of this work are, as yet, unclear.  One thing is clear, however. This is the first time that Europe and the US have dealt with Russians in Ukraine so attentively, and this is a result of the fact that in the southeast of Ukraine, they are calling for a ‘Russian Spring’.

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