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Bahrain sentences 12 protesters to life in prison...

CSTO Security Council secretaries to discuss situation at Tajik-Afghan border...

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Behind the Scenes of the Geneva Accord with Iran

...Not only in Israel, but among Arab allies of the U.S., the belief that America is no longer a reliable partner in the Middle East is gaining momentum. After the failures of American plans in Iraq and Afghanistan, the countries of the region have reason to doubt the ability of the U.S. to guarantee a predictable outcome in the Middle East. Now it is unclear how the situation in Egypt will play out, what awaits the region in connection with the nascent revival of relations between America and Iran, how Saudi Arabia will react, whether Turkey will be satisfied with its secondary role, and, most importantly, how to prevent Syria from becoming an «Arab Afghanistan»...

Nikolai BOBKIN | 27.11.2013


The French Barrier to Nuclear Talks with Iran

At the Geneva talks between six world powers and Iran, mediators managed to narrow the circle of differences and highlight the issues to be resolved during the next round of talks on 20 November. Both sides are hoping to find a way out of the negotiation deadlock that has existed for the last ten years, but differences in the positions of Western allies have unexpectedly become an obstacle to compromise. France has not given its support to the other members of the six nations, announcing that Iran’s proposals do not rule out their development of nuclear weapons... Saudi Arabia is also calling on the six world powers not to believe Iran’s promises, blackmailing negotiators with threats to buy nuclear weapons in Pakistan...

Nikolai BOBKIN | 14.11.2013


US Sanctions and Iranian Nuclear Program

The next round of Geneva talks between Tehran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany – the group of six powers (the P5 + 1 group) – has been launched in Geneva on November 7-8... Tehran sees the uplifting of sanctions as the first step on the way of tackling the nuclear problem while the economic damage is estimated to be 3-5 billion dollars per month. There are four United Nations Security Council resolutions in force which impose sanctions against Iran. Besides, there are sanctions in effect that have been imposed unilaterally by the United States, the step to be followed by the European Union. Russia finds these measures illegitimate and damaging to the negotiation process... In recent days a number of leading Jewish groups, including AIPAC, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Jewish Federations of North America, have reiterated support for advancing through Congress new and enhanced Iran sanctions...

Nikolai BOBKIN | 08.11.2013


Iranian Nuclear Problem: Does it Have Solution?

...The next round of Geneva talks devoted to the Iran’s nuclear program is slated to take place on October 15-16... It is expected that Tehran will agree to stop the uranium enrichment at 20%, because, as the Iranians admit themselves, what they have in storage already exceeds the national requirements... It is also expected Iran will agree to more thorough and comprehensive inspections by the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency in comparison with the checks the IAEA experts have conducted until recently. Talking about the prospects for the closure of Fordu uranium enrichment facility, this concession is excluded: it goes beyond the limits of what is acceptable and would send a wrong message to demonstrate that Iran admits it has suffered a defeat instead of sticking to more flexible diplomacy...

Nikolai BOBKIN | 14.10.2013


The East is a Delicate Matter: Iran Goes against All Predictions

Admittedly, nobody in the world, not even Iran, was able to predict the victory in the presidential elections, a victory even more decisive since Hassan Rouhani, the «reformers’ protégé», had not even been reckoned a favourite. It really is true that «Persia is a country of miracles». Now that the initial delight of pro-Western liberals and the sprinkling of ashes on turbans among Iranian conservatives («principalists») has died down, the time has come to take stock. So was it the defeat of the ruling regime, as had been desired in the West, or in many ways a brilliant manoeuvre by the country’s Supreme Leader («rahbar») Ayatollah Ali Khamenei?..

Dmitry MININ | 22.06.2013


P5+1 – Iran Talks Kick Off Again: Last Chance to Prevent Big Trouble

The P5 (the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany) - Iran talks are to kick off in a few days. The process got stalled since last year’s June meeting in Moscow that ended up without any get ahead. Since then there were constant attempts to arrange another round of negotiations. Now it appears that Iran, which is about to enter its presidential election season, has finally agreed to get back to the round table. On January 5 Teheran announced that it would join talks in Kazakhstan on February 26...

Andrei AKULOV | 10.02.2013


Iranian and North Korean Nuclear Programs in the Spotlight

In many regards, the September, 2012 Nonproliferation Conference which convened in Moscow proved to be a remarkable event. Importantly, it combined plenary sessions and talks by invited speakers with six sections on the nuclear themes centered around North Korea and Iran. The conference is a unique forum drawing staunch opponents – representatives of both Koreas, of Israel and Iran – into intense dialog...

Alexander VORONTSOV | 01.10.2012


US Strike against Iran: Plans and Consequences

A whiff of gunpowder is in the air... The USA is going to attack a Muslim country of about 77 million people, with asymmetric response capability... An attack without adoption of a correspondent UN Security Council resolution is a flagrant violation of international law... The last declassified US National Intelligence Estimate made public on January 31 2012 by General Clapper concluded there is no solid evidence Iran is actively developing a nuclear weapons program...

Andrei AKULOV | 28.02.2012


Will M.A.D. Turn to MAD?

The Cold War avoided war amongst the major nations because Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) so that major country leaders, however provoked, did not want to die or see their homelands destroyed... Let’s assume that in April the Israeli Air Force, using traditional weapons, attacks Iran. What then?.. Will Israel’s neighbours simply stand by and watch? If a war breaks out, what can America do, remembering that they still rely to a considerable extent on Saudi oil? Will this be seen by Iran as a good opportunity to move into Iraq, settle some old scores and further damage to US oil needs?..

Rafe MAIR | 11.02.2012


Iran: Prospects and Consequences

The bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities using conventional weapons would contribute to unleashing a Chernobyl-Fukushima like fall out – a nuclear nightmare with unpredictable results... Iran may conduct a full retaliation against Israel and its perceived allies. Under this scenario, Iran would attempt to strike Israel and US bases in the Persian Gulf, Turkey, and Afghanistan with long-range missiles... How safe would Americans be in the Gulf, especially Bahrain, home of the U.S. Fifth Fleet, a predominantly Shia island? Iran would attempt to block the Strait of Hormuz as it displayed during the recent exercises, thereby threatening nearly 20 percent of the world’s oil supply... An Iran sponsored terrorist act on the US soil will scare investors when the times are rough. Will the US intern all Iranian nationals or Shiite Muslims in the United States like it happened with the Japanese along the Pacific coast in 1942?..

Andrei AKULOV | 10.01.2012

    Alexander AKENTIEV

Letter to European Friends from Lugansk

...We discussed our problems with the OSCE mission. They published a false report which distorts the real state of things in Ukraine. The only country which supports us is Russia. That’s why there are many Russian flags hoisted at meetings and on barricades. That’s what we demand: 1. To hold a referendum on the status of our region as part of Ukraine. 2. To make Russian an official language so that it could be used in different spheres of life. 3.To free the kidnapped peaceful protesters. Is it too much? Does it justify the use of tanks against us?..

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