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U.S. Intelligence Planning to Oust the President of Ecuador

Rafael Correa is one of those Latin American presidents which ruling circles in the U.S. consider uncontrollable and thus especially dangerous. To get rid of such politicians, Washington makes use of a wide arsenal of means, from interfering in election processes to physical elimination. After the strange death of Hugo Chavez, who led Latin America's resistance against the Empire, it  is Correa who is increasingly seen as his successor, the leader of the "populist forces" on the continent...

Nil NIKANDROV | 28.12.2013


Individual Terror as Pattern of Washington’s Foreign Policy

Physical elimination of foreign politicians fallen out of US favor has become a routine matter for Obama’s administration. The US special services have put to good use the experience of international terrorist organizations as well as the inventions of its own, like, for instance, purposeful cancer contamination or the use of «radioactive delayed action mines». The Empire has not ended the clandestine operations against Latina America’s «populist leaders» even after the death of Hugo Chavez... Someone will say - is it the «conspiracy theory» again? Is it the story about the cruel methods used by the United States ruling circles to clear the way for establishing Pax Americana – from unprovoked wars to individual terror? Exactly...

Nil NIKANDROV | 01.10.2013


The Itinerary of President Maduro: from the Vatican to Moscow

Nicolás Maduro’s first visit to Moscow was a busy one. Monday 1 July was dominated by the topics under discussion at the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries. On Tuesday, the Venezuelan president was received by the State Duma to begin with and then by the Kremlin. President Vladimir Putin welcomed his Venezuelan guest in the Green Drawing Room: «I am pleased to note that you have picked up the baton from your predecessor, one of the most prominent leaders in Latin America, Hugo Chavez. Our trade and economic ties have reached a new level... all our plans are developing successfully»... And just several hours after his meeting with Vladimir Putin, the Venezuelan president began his next official visit - to Belarus...

Nil NIKANDROV | 04.07.2013


Venezuela: President Maduro and Tactics for Dialogue with the Opposition

The opposition representative to the Venezuelan parliament Ismael Garcia held a press conference on May 20 in Caracas at which he played a recording of a conversation between famous talk show host Mario Silva and Aramis Palacios, believed to be a Cuban intelligence agent... What is really going on in the highest levels of power in Venezuela? Is the state leadership really as unified as president Nicolas Maduro is making it out to be? What will Maduro do to normalize the situation when half the electorate voted for his opponent, Henrique Capriles, at the presidential election on April 14?..

Nil NIKANDROV | 09.06.2013


Post-Chavez Latin America: An Alliance Between Local Capital and Socialism?

Many questions have arisen about what direction Latin America and the so-called “pink tide” will take since Hugo Chavez’s death and his successor Nicolas Maduro’s victory in the Venezuelan presidential elections against Henrique Capriles Radonski on April 14, 2013. These questions broadly focus on the rest of Latin America and the region’s leftist governments and movements. Several important questions are being asked. Will the US gain ground or lose even more influence in Latin America? Will Latin America continue to move leftwards or will the status quo ante prevail?..

Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 02.05.2013


Nicolas Maduro: Hard Won Victory

The Venezuelan National Election Council (CNE - Consejo Nacional Electoral) has announced the election results. As the forecasts had said, Nicolas Maduro has won. It was a tough fight, Maduro has gained 50.76% of the vote against 49.07% for 40-year-old opposition candidate Henrique Capriles... Does the Maduro’s victory on April 14 guarantee the continuation of Hugo Chavez’s policies aimed at further progress of Bolivarian revolution? Maduro and his supporters exclude anything else. This course is fundamental...

Nil NIKANDROV | 16.04.2013


Slogan of the Day: Maduro Gets 10 Million Votes!

While addressing the voters, Maduro often remembers the last months of Chavez being alive, the long conversations they held together. Once in Havana they talked for six hours. Chavez shared his vision of the country’s future. He warned Maduro that there would be no bed of roses ahead, everything could happen to him, and so Maduro had to be ready. It was exactly then, when he named Maduro as his successor... Maduro promises he won’t let Comandante Chavez down. He says, «All Venezuelans work for the benefit of homeland. The time has come to join the efforts together. The great man, Chavez, left the world, but he continues to bless and defend us. I admit missing the Comandante so much – as a leader and a teacher. And I will be faithful to the oath I gave him»...

Nil NIKANDROV | 10.04.2013


Venezuela to Elect President: Opposition Stands No Chance

A Venezuelan political scientist I know told me a few years ago the opposition had a promising presidential candidate – Alberto C. Vollmer, a young rum distiller and landowner holding the position of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Ron Santa Teresa... Vollmer was too independent to become a candidate. So those, who pull strings behind the curtains, have pushed him far aside giving way to docile Henrique Capriles Radonsky, 40, a scion of a rich Jewish family. The family owns industrial enterprises, media outlets, and the lion’s share of entertainment business. His right-wing views are to large extent explained by his descent and the ties of his family to business partners in the United States and Israel... 

Nil NIKANDROV | 08.04.2013


Post-Chavez Latin America Will Continue to Drift Away from the US

Many questions are arising about what direction the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Latin America will take now that Hugo Chavez has died of cancer... Chavez made Venezuela pursue a regional agenda as an anti-hegemonic force working to reduce the regional influence of the United States. Just as Simon Bolivar realized, while in exile in Jamaica in 1815, that Venezuela’s freedom could only be attained through a hemispheric pan-Latin American project, so did Chavez...

Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 01.04.2013


Universal Dynamics of Tumor Growth and Demise of Chavez

In mid-March acting President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro announced that planning was in the works for a commission to investigate whether Chavez had been poisoned... Indeed, there has been a string of rather mysterious cancer cases among acting left-wing anti-US Latin American leaders during the last 3-4 years. The lethal list already includes nine leaders by now... Many US commentators and researchers say separate incidents put together indicate there is a dangerous trend. It all testifies to the fact that hi-tech assassinations leaving no trace become a reality of global politics. Slow and painful death of those, who oppose the policies of some powerful states is becoming the preferable way to deal with the out-of-favor leaders...

Nikolai MALISHEVSKI | 25.03.2013

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    Paul Craig ROBERTS

Financial Market Manipulation Is The New Trend: Can It Continue?

Governments and economists take their hats off to free markets.  Yet, the markets are rigged, not free. ... No country dependent on foreign capital is sovereign.  A country dependent on foreign capital, especially from enemies seeking to subvert the economy, is subject to destabilizing currency and economic swings.  Russia should self-finance. ...The greatest harm that is being done to the Russian economy is not due to sanctions and the US attack on the ruble.  The greatest harm is being done by Russia’s neoliberal economists. Neoliberal economics is not merely incorrect.  It is an ideology that fosters US economic imperialism. ... If Russia is to survive, Putin must protect Russia from Western economic institutions and Western trained economists. 

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