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Syria: Waiting for Someone Named Obama

...Der Spiegel calmly reported that the information about the «non civilian cargo», which led to the interception of a Syrian aircraft by the Turkish air force the previous Wednesday night, was actually passed on to Ankara by the American intelligence.  Furthermore, Der Spiegel disclosed authoritatively, «Ankara only forced the plane to land after close contact with its Western allies»... The spokesperson Victoria Nuland said... «We [US] have no doubt that this was serious military equipment.» Evidently, Nuland was under instruction to go to town on the Syrian plane issue. Why would the US be so overtly keen to introduce high-class polemics?..

Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR | 15.10.2012


Arab Autumn in UN

Last week a massive and coordinated attack against Syria took place simultaneously in three major UN agencies – the Human Rights Council, the General Assembly and the Security Council... The Arab League Secretary General and the representatives of the West used the United Nations Security Council as a platform to condemn Russia for resorting to its veto right... Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, said that in view of UN Security Council’s failure to adopt the resolutions the Arab states should interfere themselves into Syria and they had everything necessary to do so... On September 28 The United Nations Human Rights Council viewed the new report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria... Russia voted against...

Alexander MEZYAEV | 03.10.2012


Arab League a Divided House

While regional organizations are going to be the mainstay in international politics in the post-cold war world, one of the old regional organizations Arab League (formed in 1945) has shown all weakness of a broken house with members failing to take coordinated position on any of the raging international issues...

Aurobinda MAHAPATRA | 04.04.2012


The Situation in and around Syria

Russia, China, the leading Western states and the Arab League joined together in support of the UN Security Council’s statement on Syria. The joint stance gives some hope for peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis. On the other hand the real state of things leaves no place for optimism. Those who signed the statement pursue different, if not outright opposite, goals... If we let Bashar Assad be toppled no doubt Syria will become the second Libya... 

Boris DOLGOV | 26.03.2012


The Syrian Crisis and World Politics

On February 24 a “Friends of Syria” meeting is to take pace in Tunisia. The Syrian leadership received no invitation and, as Washington said, Russia’s participation is “not needed”. Russia refused to take part. The USA, Great Britain, France, Turkey, the Arab League and the “Istanbul opposition” are among participants. They concentrate forces for a military action. The US reconnaissance aircraft already fly over the Syrian airspace, some sources say, the British special operations forces are already operating in the territory of Syria.

Boris DOLGOV | 24.02.2012


Arab League As An Anti-Arab Weapon

The Arab League lauded the West's new onslaught on the Middle East and volunteered a blessing to unspecified “peacekeeping forces” that would be dispatched to Syria to dislodge Assad. Who, under the scenario, would take his place? Either the Arab League is moving too fast while the Western intelligence services are unprepared to offer a candidate or those leave it entirely to the Arab League to dispose of Assad... Unlike the Arab League, Damascus has no chance to get heard in the West. Considering that Syria was among the founders of the League, it would be interesting to get an idea from whose name the group might be speaking under current circumstances...

Elena PUSTOVOITOVA | 21.02.2012


Syria: looking for ways to make agrression legal

At S.V. lavrov’s press-conference it became clear the Syrian situation is gradually sliding to military solution... The plan of “regional intervention” by the League of Arab League or some members of the organization is starting to take shape. It calls into attention the fact that is exactly the time UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon begins to look for new reasons to intervene in Syria (and not Syria only)... The Syrian government published a list of states it prevented illegal arms supplies from (Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Jordan among them), but the information hasn’t become an object of interest for media and in a mysterious way it is not included into the Secretary General’s reports... The “UN Security Council” and “League of Arab States” operations failure made some League’s members come up with a new “initiative”...

Alexander MEZYAEV | 28.01.2012


Syria and the New Model of International Transformations

While the West does explain via the UN Security Council that the situation in Syria is different from what used to be found in Libya, the part of the scenario for the latter concerning a potential intervention appears absolutely identical to that for the former... The international community's repressive machinery must be bracing for a new attack considering how intensely the UN Human Rights Council, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN special investigator for Syria are campaigning against the country...

Alexander MEZYAEV | 27.12.2011


The Legal Regime being formed against Syria by the Arab League, SNC, and R2P

The Arab League coupled with a proxy group called the Syrian National Council (SNC) that is the creation of a tactical alliance between the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Washington, NATO, Israel, and the Persian Gulf’s petro-monarchs is being used within the framework of false pretences of humanitarianism for a plan to oust President Bashar Al-Assad from power and install a new client government in Damascus...

Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 29.11.2011


The Obama Doctrine: Imperialism Masked as «Humanitarian Interventionism»

The Obama administration, in yet another display of the use of Orwellian language, has embarked on a military doctrine called "Mass Atrocity Prevention" (MAP), the Pentagon operational plan to implement the White House's "R2P" or "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine... And in yet another display of oxymoronic Orwellian “Newspeak,” the main Defense Department activity for developing “Mass Atrocity Response Operations” or “MARO” is the Army’s Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI)... Current targets for meddling by MARO and the Soros NGO network are Syria, Somalia, Philippines, Kenya, post-Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) Colombia, Guatemala, Pakistan, Uganda (targeting the Lord’s Resistance Army), and North and South Yemen...

Wayne MADSEN | 28.11.2011

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Ending the Cold War on Cuba? From the Freezer to the Chiller

As US President Barack Obama announced his surprise «historic» bid to normalise relations with Cuba this week, the New York Times swooned with glowing news. ‘US to Restore Full Relations With Cuba, Erasing a Last Trace of Cold War Hostility’ was how its top headline put it. Welcoming the development, the American «newspaper of record» said Obama vowed to «cut loose the shackles of the past» and to «sweep aside one of the last vestiges of the Cold War». But, purple prose aside, the hard detail is that the ongoing illegal American embargo on Cuba will stay in place. Moreover, the move comes as Washington slaps on more sanctions against Russia and unleashes new sanctions on Venezuela...

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