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American democracy: what lies behind the facade?

Igor IGNATCHENKO | 28.10.2012 | 00:00

September 11, 2001 was used by the U.S. government as an excuse for cutting the rights and liberties of American citizens. The «Patriot Act» was adopted immediately after the attacks (Uniting and strengthening America by providing the appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism Act of 2001), authorizing the U.S. National Security Agency to listen to any phone calls and surreptitiously search the private homes of U.S. citizens without court warrants. The administration of George W. Bush called the document «a key measure in the fight against terrorism». This legislation was adopted on 26 October 2001, that is to say, almost immediately after the attacks took place, with extraordinary speed. Considering that the «Patriot Act» is a whole set of regulations, we can assume that they began to develop it even before the attacks occurred.

The «Patriot Act», in fact, went against the U.S. Constitution because the IV Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the inviolable rights of a citizen against unreasonable search or seizure in respect to persons, houses, papers, and effects, without a search warrant or an arrest issued with probable cause, in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

The duration of the «Patriot Act» was to expire on 31 December 2005. However George W. Bush managed to convince the senate to extend the provisions of the Act and to make it a permanent right of the authorities to listen to phone calls and e-mails, and to track those who American officials deemed to be dangerous to the regime. The information supplied by The New York Times that the U.S. National Security Agency was eavesdropping on the conversations of «hundreds or even thousands of people, without having the necessary rights in such cases, did not confound the Bush administration. Bush responded to the publication, saying that everything done is being done «in the fight against international terrorism.» Apparently, it is in the interests of the U.S. government to have opened secret CIA prisons around the world and to have initiated the use of torture in the Iraqi prison known as «Abu Ghraib» and at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay.

The «Military Commissions Act», passed in 2006, allowed the detention without charge of anyone who speaks out against government policies. The law provides for closed sessions for both U.S. citizens and foreigners.

In 2007 the «John Warner Defense Authorization Act” was passed (HR5122) to rectify the situation caused by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which imposed restrictions on the domestic use of military forces for law enforcement purposes. The new law has allowed the federal government to unilaterally take control of each state's National Guard and federal troops to place anywhere in the country during «emergencies in the community.» In essence, the law HR5122 became another nail in the coffin of the U.S. Constitution, because in it the U.S. National Guard moved to a position of direct subordination to the President (formerly being subordinate to each state separately). This decision, in fact, marked a loss of sovereignty of each individual state.

The National Security Act of 2007 («The use of armed forces in the event of emergency situations in society») has allowed the authorities to introduce martial law in response to «natural disasters, disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks, or any other condition in which the President determines that violence in the country has reached the point at which the leaders of the nation cannot maintain public order «

In the same year, on May 9, George W. Bush issued «Presidential National Security Directive 51» (NSPD 51/HSPD-20), which was unanimously adopted by Congress. This document contains only a vague explanation of what constitutes an «emergency situation», but despite this, the President is authorized to cancel presidential elections, suspend the constitution and to carry out any action to ensure the «continuity of the government.»

Later laws were adopted, such as the «Law on the prevention of violent radicalism and domestic terrorism Act» of 2007 (HR-1955) and the like (if you can understand them) classified as «terrorists» those involved in sit-ins, civil disobedience , environmentalists, pacifists, etc., that is to say, anyone who does not share the official position of the White House.

The Democratic Party of the U.S. has consistently continued the old policy of the Republican administration. On December 31, 2011 Barack Obama signed into law the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act 2012), which, in fact, was a logical continuation of the «Patriot Act» and finally made null and void the democratic nature of the government of the USA. Under the already traditional guise of fighting terrorism, the U.S. authorities can monitor any citizen. Many provisions of the new law also run counter to the U.S. Constitution.

Sections 1031 and 1032 of the Act specify that U.S. citizens and foreigners can be detained indefinitely by the U.S. Army under martial law without trial and legal protection only on suspicion of having links to terrorist organizations. Those imprisoned are denied the right to legal counsel and the right to appeal. In other words, the prisoners are denied all rights guaranteed by the constitution of the United States, as after all, the «war on terror» has no clearly defined goals, nor any time frame. The new law provides the U.S. Army and the White House the right, at its sole discretion and without any evidence, to send undesirable citizens to life imprisonment, citing their «connections» with «terrorists.»

On March 16 this year, Barack Obama signed a decree «On the preparation of resources for national defense purposes” (National Defense Resources Preparedness), according to which in case of emergency any resources in the country (food, water, gold, silver, weapons for self-defense, medicine, etc.) come under the full control of the government. Under this law, the federal ministries, state agencies, and various agencies are able to seize and manage all the resources they need, according to the decisions of federal officials for national defense and security. Any private property can be seized by the state in case of need - this position is now enshrined at state level.

Under the law, all citizens of the country are automatically registered in an agency as «labor reserves for the purposes of national defense” (National Defense Executive Reserve). In the event of an emergency every American can be called upon to work in a labor camp for reasons of national security, this is all the more so since the entire history of employment of all U.S. citizens are now stored and processed in the national database. This will now be dealt with by the Director of Selective Service, a division of the Ministry of Labor. Obama's decree provides for compensation for property confiscated by the government and the use of human labor - all payments will be IOUs, and federal officials will determine the value of the property.

Also, now in the U.S. they are discussing bill number HR 6566 («Planning mass death for religious reasons»), which aims «to amend the National Security Act of 2002, requiring the administrator of the Federal Agency for Emergency Management (FEMA) to provide leadership and coordination of planning for mass death ... «. Under the bill the FEMA agency must be ready to «respond» in the case of mass deaths in the U.S., taking into account the differences in religious burials. There can be no doubt that this law will be adopted soon. Troubling, however, is the mention of «mass death» in the context of the law.

Americans only need to wait for the declaration of martial law on the pretext of another terrorist attack or natural disaster, as the legislative framework of the authoritarian state in the U.S. is fully prepared. The establishment of martial law would be by the Federal Agency of the United States for Emergency Management (FEMA), whose program to respond to emergencies has long been in place and is known as the Readiness Exercise 1984 (REX-84). We can also mention «Operation Garden Plot» - a program of the U.S. Army and the National Guard under the control of U.S. Northern Command (Northcom), to assist the security forces during internal strife… A working example of the program was the riots in Los Angeles in 1992, when the army and the U.S. Navy were used to support the National Guard of California.

The constant development of technical innovations actively helps «big brother» to monitor the daily lives of Americans. According to the Los Angeles Times, in 2005, “Predator” drones are being used to spy on American citizens on U.S. soil. The same can be said of countless kinds of surveillance cameras, technology scanning and fingerprint identification from a distance of 6 meters, which is being developed by “Idair” (Hansville, Alabama State), and the use of various microchips to track the movement of people. It is known that RFID microchips are in many credit cards that Americans use to pay for goods (the use of cash in recent times is treated as «suspicious behavior» that could potentially be associated with being a «terrorist»), or implanted in student tickets.

And no matter who comes to power in the U.S. in November 2012, a course to deprive American citizens of their rights and freedoms, and a total revision of the U.S. Constitution of 1776, will be continued and possibly soon American citizens will realize that they have woken up in the type of state once described by George Orwell in his anti-utopian novel, «1984».


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