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The Mouse Lies down with the Elephant

The relationship between Canada and the United States is difficult enough for Canadians much less others to understand... The American nation came about by a sense of «manifest destiny» which meant, in their view, they had a right to all of North America save Mexico from whom they simply seized 1/3 of their country... To summarize the unsummarizable, a long, often stormy relationship which in latter days has seen Canada and the US much closer on trade matters while on international matters more and more marches to her own drummer...

Rafe MAIR | 31.07.2013


The War on Corruption or the Building of a Pax Americana? (I)

In the article «The Dollar Racket» I wrote about the passage of a large number of laws in the U.S. in recent years which are extraterritorial in nature. These laws provide for the punishment of individuals and legal entities for engaging in various illegal activities. Under these laws, not only U.S. residents could be subject to such penalties, but nonresidents - companies, banks, and foreign citizens - as well... Extraterritorial laws allow the United States to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and gradually bring them under its control.  Such laws are also used to intimidate citizens, politicians, company executives and banks from other countries...

Valentin KATASONOV | 31.07.2013


Kurdish Factor to Change Middle East Dynamics

A new front is emerging in Syria’s devastating civil war as Kurds and al-Qaeda-inspired Jihadist fighters fight a stiff battle for control of northern populated areas. The Democratic Union Party (PYD), a pro-government Kurdish group in Syria, has taken control of two major towns on Syria's northern border with Turkey and is definitely gaining ground... The ongoing struggle with al-Qaeda-linked fighters is achieving what many Kurdish leaders in northern Syria have long been unable to do, unifying under the PYD banner an ethnic group long divided about its future between at least 16 parties. On July 25 all the Kurdish parties gathered in Arbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdish territory in northern Iraq under President Masoud Barzani... A planned Kurdish National Conference that will gather Kurds from Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria is likely to take place between Aug. 20 and 30...

Andrei AKULOV | 30.07.2013


Since it Failed in Syria, America Now Targets Hezbollah

Following Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria, the US government began targeting the Lebanese party with financial sanctions... In lockstep with Washington, the regimes of the Arab petro-sheikhdoms of the Persian Gulf in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates would start closing the businesses of Lebanese citizens, revoking their residencies, and then expelling them from their homes... On July 25, 2013 the European Union added the military wing of Hezbollah to its list of terrorist organizations... Hezbollah is undeniably being targeted by the US and its allies. Such targeting does not necessarily mean a third Israeli war against Lebanon. Stoking the fires of sectarianism in Lebanon with the intentions of starting a civil war could be the main and best Israeli-US option...

Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 30.07.2013


A New War within a War in Syria

The West, perhaps without even trying, through its most recent arms shipments to the Syrian opposition, including those in which Saudi Arabia participated, has taken the civil war in Syria to a new level of conflict - a war of «all versus all»... The British publication The Independent poses the question of how it is possible in the conditions of civil war to supply arms to the «good guys» and not to the «bad guys». History teaches us that they can easily switch places, and that the latter may very well win...

Dmitry MININ | 29.07.2013


The West as a Threat to Poland

The absence of a family policy and the lack of financial security for families with newborns are just the tip of the iceberg, they are symptoms of much deeper problems. Poles are going to have to review the entire system of relations between society and the state, which is a Herculean task. Poland, having taken Western liberal theories on the development of society for granted, has partially sacrificed the uniqueness of its own civilisation... Polish culture has therefore started to surrender its position under the onslaught of Western culture, by which is meant the supremacy of Anglo-Saxon cultural dogmas...

Vladislav GULEVICH | 29.07.2013


Kurds – Factor to Tilt Balance in Syrian Conflict

There are important changes affecting the complex correlation of forces in the Syrian war. Kurds had been by and large on the fence till recently. Now they are joining the fray on the side of government forces... At present the Peshmerga units are concentrating efforts on capturing the town of Ya'arubiya at the Iraqi border. It opens the way to Mosul, the traditional trade route between Syria and Iraq... The Syria army is moving in the same direction at Tel Hamis supporting the Kurdish forces and clearing the Ya'arubiya area from militants...

Dmitry MININ | 28.07.2013


SCO: Security Challenges Dominate Agenda

While the 2013 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Bishkek is getting closer, the Kyrgyz Republic, the host country, has launched a number of high-level meetings for preliminary consideration of the issues on the list, especially the ones related to security... The SCO has an important role to play here by gradually involving the war-torn country into the international cooperation process... The forthcoming summit in Bishkek in September 2013 will be an occurrence of great importance taking decisions of not only regional, but rather global dimension...

Andrei AKULOV | 28.07.2013


Cybespace and Future: Issue Coming to Fore

The Snowden affair, as expected, is snowballing, gathering more and more new details and revelations. This has already led to several international scandals (including the egregious example of what happened with Bolivian President Evo Morales' plane) and most likely will lead to more... For several years (and actually, for several decades) there has been a standoff in this area between several key international actors over what can with certainty be called the «new information order»... Despite the extreme difficulty of such effective international control, it is simply essential to make efforts in that direction. The world needs a serious international discussion on the issue of cybersecurity, and the initiatives of Russia and China could truly become a good foundation for it.

Boris KAZANTSEV | 27.07.2013


Russia Reaffirms Recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia

...Some reinvigoration of Russia-Georgia economic contacts and links between non-government organizations does not mean Russia is intent to deviate from its fundamental policy decision to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia... The issue of guaranteeing the security of South Ossetia will be gaining significance for Russia with the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi drawing closer... The military modernization is implemented under the close scrutiny of the USA and NATO. The specific feature of the process is getting close with the military of neighboring Turkey and Azerbaijan...

Andrey ARESHEV | 27.07.2013

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Kiev Elections Can’t Sanitise State of Mob Rule

The Kiev regime’s parliamentary elections this weekend are set to go ahead amid an atmosphere of rampant political street violence and intimidation – and that’s not in the war-torn eastern part of Ukraine. The parliamentary elections were called in June by the then elected President Petro Poroshenko as a way of legitimising the illegal coup against the Ukrainian government that occurred four months previously with the support of the American Central Intelligence Agency... In the paraphrased words of Abraham Lincoln, no electoral process can sanitise the glaring fact of Kiev’s rule of the mob, by the mob, for the mob.

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