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Articles 09.2012

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Meetings in Islamabad: Interplay Between Text and Context

Russian President V.Putin plans to visit Islamabad in the not too distant future. The talks promise a rich agenda which includes the inking of 12 agreements on the bilateral cooperation between Russia and Pakistan in a variety of spheres... The time has come when Russia simply has to mirror the US activity in  South Asia. The steps to be taken are to up the level of relations with India to the Soviet-era mark and, at the same time, to fully reconnect with Pakistan. Both Delhi and Islamabad would likely favor Moscow's parallel return...

Andrei VOLODIN | 30.09.2012


When «freedom of speech» translates into hate crime

They see the offensive movie which has insulted one of the world's most ancient and popular religions in the light of their ambassador and other diplomatic staff being killed overseas. Of course such violence is not accepted, but the U.S. politicians and mass media have never paid due attention to the disgraceful and outrageous nature of a movie which portrays Islam a repressive religion and its prophet as a depraved and corrupt individual; a movie which has targeted the souls of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world with its heinous and appalling language...

Kourosh ZIABARI | 29.09.2012


The Middle East Factors into The US Presidential Race

...Obama's current advantages over Romney in what concerns the Middle Eastern affairs can evaporate overnight if a major provocation takes place, and there is no shortage of the forces to pull off one. Given a new occasion, Romney will probably seize the arising opportunities in a more convincing manner. Anyhow, the «democratization» of the Middle East is sure to remain on the list of priorities in the White House, and that spells new rounds of troubles for the region.

Dmitry MININ | 28.09.2012


A matter of competing narratives

The visit by President Vladimir Putin to Pakistan next Tuesday is undoubtedly an historic event insofar as no Russian head of state has ever visited that country since its creation over six decades ago. Of course, the visit will generate keen interest in the region and in the international community as a whole for a variety of reasons although Moscow has studiously underplayed the event for reasons of its own. Islamabad obviously made up for the Russian reticence and in the process has displayed its eagerness – again, for compelling reasons of its own...

Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR | 28.09.2012


America's Human Capital Capitulation

Alarms regarding the deterioration of secondary education have beat a steady refrain in the US for more than 50 years, ever since the USSR's Iurii Gagarin became the first man to fly in outer space and magnified fears of an existential military threat from the Soviets. In recent decades the perceived danger from an underperforming education sector is not military, but economic: the threat of falling behind other nations as the world sheds its reliance on manufacturing for a new order, characterized as «the knowledge economy»... The deterioration of secondary and university education is indeed a crisis, and has dovetailed with the aftermath of the financial crisis to produce levels of unemployment among youth not seen since the Great Depression...

David KERANS | 27.09.2012


End to USAID Spying Looms in Latin America

The ejection of USAID from Russia was a long-awaited and welcome development. Moscow has repeatedly warned its US partners via an array of channels of communication that the tendency of USAID to interfere with Russia's domestic affairs was unacceptable and, particularly, that the radicalism of its pet NGOs in the Caucasus would not be tolerated. When, on October 1, the decision made by the Russian leadership takes effect, the Moscow-based USAID staff which has been stubbornly ignoring the signals will have to pack and relocate to other countries facing allegations of authoritarian rule...

Nil NIKANDROV | 26.09.2012


What the Future Holds for Syria and the Region (II)

One can say that the longer the strife continues in Syria the greater will be the impact on Shia-Sunni relations through out the Muslim world and particularly in Syria’s immediate neighbourhood. It is clear however that there is no early resolution of the warlike situation in Syria. Lakdar Brahimi says that each party says that they will prevail in a month or so but the only prospect he sees is for the situation to worsen. Quite clearly he has had no success in getting the parties to agree to a peaceful solution...

Najmuddin A. SHAIKH | 25.09.2012


Quantitative Easing as Outrageous Corruption

The list of the recipients to whom the Federal Reserve dishes out money and the amounts in question arouse a lot of curiosity among the US policy-makers and general population, but the information is being carefully kept under wraps. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg submitted to the Federal Reserve an inquiry concerning the lucky banks but it was turned down... Bloomberg, US congressmen, and others should realize, based on the case, who is the boss in the US, and the favorites of destiny will continue to rip the benefits of QE3 incognito. Likely, those are a cohort of recognizable “too big to fall” Wall Street banks. Anyhow, the third round of the global-scale scam is set in motion...

Valentin KATASONOV | 25.09.2012


Arctic Turning into Hotbed of Instability

The US Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century, that saw light in 2009, includes the Arctic into the list of major challenges to be ready for. The document outlined expansion of naval and air military presence in the region. The US nuclear submarines participated in Ice Exercise 2011 (ICEX-2011) in the Arctic Ocean, conducted in March 2011 along with elements of Canadian and UK navies. Meanwhile the Arctic conflicts have already become inspiration for computer games designers. For instance, the recent game called Naval Warfare: Arctic Circle tells a story about navies and air forces of Russia and NATO fighting for Arctic dominance...

Andrei AKULOV | 24.09.2012


Who Will Loose the US Presidential Election?

...This race between an inadequate president and a wannabe who wants to hide his fiscal past  reminds me of the wags back in 1964, when Lyndon Johnson was running against Barry Goldwater, displayed bumper stickers saying «Vote No For President». At this stage, it’s too early to really make rock hard predictions. Neither of the two National Conventions have their candidate a «buzz’ and this is because unlike days of yore the contest was won before the delegates were even in their chairs...

Rafe MAIR | 24.09.2012

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    Pyotr BODROV

The OSCE in Ukraine and Russian Spring

In connection with the deepening crisis in Ukraine, representatives of several OSCE missions have famously arrived in the country. On 21 April, I had occasion to talk with two long-term observers with the OSCE Election Observation Mission, Anthony Robinson (Great Britain) and Lester Margosian (USA)... I got the impression that the mission is occupied with serious analytical work... The objectives and possible outcomes of this work are, as yet, unclear.  One thing is clear, however. This is the first time that Europe and the US have dealt with Russians in Ukraine so attentively, and this is a result of the fact that in the southeast of Ukraine, they are calling for a ‘Russian Spring’.

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