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Articles 03.2012

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BRICS Challenges the World Order

The sight of the BRICS has been an eyesore for the developed countries ever since its inception. The sense of irritability has now given way to disquiet bordering on hostility. There is a compelling urgency that BRICS is assuming habitation and a name. True, nothing of an earth-shaking nature has emerged from the New Delhi summit. Yet, there are new stirrings that herald the potential for a BRICS surge. And that causes disquiet to the developed world. Simply put, as the Delhi Declaration by the BRICS countries reminds is, it is a “platform for dialogue and cooperation amongst countries that represent 43% of the world’s population” in a multi-polar world. That is saying a lot...

Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR | 31.03.2012


An Overview of the Flagging Syrian National Council

The Syrian National Council (SNC) is starting to turn in on itself as Damascus has proved to be strongly resilient in weathering the storm. From the start the SNC was not a popular or representative body and it now appears on the decline even with foreign sponsorship and the continuous supplying of weapons from members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to its fighters on the ground in Syria...

Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 31.03.2012


China and the BRICS summit in Delhi

The fourth summit of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) took place in Delhi on March 28-29. The summit ended with the participants signing a joint declaration, summarizing cooperation between the BRICS member states and outlining the prospects for further cooperation. China thanks to its fast-growing economy often referred to as the BRICS` ‘informal leader’, this time managed to regain its ‘best of the equals’ status... BRICS nations have confirmed their readiness to expand the role of their group of emerging economies on the global financial scene...

Vladimir PORTYAKOV | 31.03.2012


From Srebrenica and Racak to Benghazi and Homs

...Atlanticism is on the march. Both NATO’s operations in the Balkans and the Arab World are intended to expand the Euro-Atlantic Zone. Its involvement in African Union missions in East Africa are also tied to this. For all observers who take a detailed look at the restructuring of states vanquished by NATO, this should be very clear. Humanitarianism has become the new face of modern imperialism.

Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 30.03.2012


Deconstructing India’s Lankan Affair

There has been a 180-degree turn in the Indian stance vis-à-vis the attempts by the international community to reset the Sri Lankan government’s handling of its alleged human rights violations in the final stages of the war against the Tamil extremist organization known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam [LTTE]. Ironically enough, India’s vote last week at Geneva supporting the resolution sponsored by the United States and its western allies at the 47-member United Nations Human Rights Commission literally helped the resolution scrape through with ‘majority support’ of 24 countries... Several major regional powers opposed the resolution – Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, etc. – as well as India’s neighbors Bangladesh and Nepal...

Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR | 30.03.2012


The Queen of Seas at Odds with the Continent

The EU summit held this March was supposed to steer clear of potentially divisive issues, and even the controversial plan calling for heavier contributions to the European stability mechanism was, at the last moment, erased from the forum's agenda. Divisions nevertheless surfaced at the summit as Great Britain appears to be increasingly at odds with the EU continental majority... Ascribing absolute priority to the partnership with Washington, London at all times had serious reservations about European integration and joined the process in part to make sure that the EU project stays within the framework set by the Anglo-Saxon vision for the world's future...

Andrei GANZHA, Sergei KLIMOVSKY | 30.03.2012


The BMD Demands a New Tough Response

...A long time experience of arms control testifies Washington doesn’t understand the language of polite diplomacy, but rather practical military-technical actions making it also face the complex challenges to its own security. While Russia’s and US technical experts discuss some missile defense aspects till the end of this year it’s expedient to come out with a simple but logical step (if such a proposal has not been put forward to the White House as yet): to freeze further deployment of US and NATO missile defense in Europe till the experts’ work is done. It’ll make their efforts more fruitful.

Vladimir KOZIN | 29.03.2012


Man-Sacrifice to Detonate Unrest in Venezuela

Reportedly, Hugo Chavez dispatched the director of the Venezuelan security service (Sebin) to meet with the chief bodyguard of Henrique Capriles Radonski, the top opposition candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. The mission of Chavez's envoy was to warn that — as Sebin learned from credible sources in Miami — a plan is brewing to assassinate Radonski... If the plan of the anti-Chavez camp to sacrifice Radonski materializes, Venezuela will see its stability and progress owed to the period of the populist governance irreversibly undermined...

Nil NIKANDROV | 28.03.2012


Mali Coup a New Step towards Global Resources Grab

A coup erupted in Mali, a landlocked West African country, on March 22... The media uniformly stress that Mali is among the world's poorest countries, which is basically true considering that it ranks 127 th in the global GDP listing... The ratings, however, should not overshadow the strategic importance and the economic potential of the territory of Mali. It... sits on considerable natural reserves of gold, uranium, bauxites, iron, manganese, tin, and copper. According to fresh reports, the northern part of Mali is found to be rich in oil and, importantly, contains a usable underground water ecosystem... The Mali coup marks another step towards the global redistribution of territories and natural resources masterminded by trans-national and trans-territorial players. Africa, therefore, is entering a long and difficult epoch of collapsing statehoods.

Alexander MEZYAEV | 27.03.2012


The Situation in and around Syria

Russia, China, the leading Western states and the Arab League joined together in support of the UN Security Council’s statement on Syria. The joint stance gives some hope for peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis. On the other hand the real state of things leaves no place for optimism. Those who signed the statement pursue different, if not outright opposite, goals... If we let Bashar Assad be toppled no doubt Syria will become the second Libya... 

Boris DOLGOV | 26.03.2012

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    Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA

Netanyahu’s Speech to the US Congress Really Helps the Obama against Iran

...The disagreements between the Obama Administration and Netanyahu do not signal a divide between Israel and the US. The strategic relationship between Israel and the United States is still intact. Nor does the gap between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party over Netanyahu’s March 3 speech reflect divisions between Israel and the US as much as it represents divisions among the US political establishment, specifically between the realists and the neo-conservatives...

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