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Articles 05.2011

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Afghanistan drug traffic and the responsibility of Iran

Iran has 900 kilometers of joint border with Afghanistan. Therefore, it has become the main gateway of tunneling opium from Afghanistan to Europe and Russia. Over the past two decades, more than 3600 Iranian police officers in charge of combating the drug trafficking were brutally killed by the Afghan drug smugglers in the Iran-Afghanistan border...

Kourosh ZIABARI | 31.05.2011


Manuel Zelaya is back

Activists of the National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP) greeted their leader, former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, at the airport of Tegucigalpa on May 28th... President Zelaya was arrested and ousted from Honduras following a coup that toppled him in June 2009. The coup was plotted at the US air base of Palmerola. And nobody ever had any doubts that Zelaya`s enemies inside the country had arranged their plans with the Pentagon and the CIA...

Nil NIKANDROV | 31.05.2011


The «Responsibility to Protect» - The Libyan Case

The carnage in Libya continues. In the last two weeks NATO bombardment of Tripoli has intensified. Economic sanctions have created gas and food shortages throughout the government controlled parts of the country...

Najmuddin A. SHAIKH | 30.05.2011


Serbia: the dark side of disgraced authority...

The arrest of General Mladic is a shameful page in Serbian history... Serbian patriots take to the streets in many cities, marketplaces is where the arrest of Mladic is currently being discussed and assessed, and you will never hear a word of approval of the authorities’ move! Belgrade remains packed with police... The struggle that is being waged around the General is a struggle of good and evil, of patriotism and treachery, loyalty to one’s duty and unscrupulousness, military honour and disgrace. Ratko Mladic has long since become legend...

Elena GUS’KOVA | 30.05.2011


Serbia’s ruling regime betrays Ratko Mladic

The event that occurred in Serbia  on  May 26 th 2011 will  entail  dire consequences  for Serbs, the Balkans, Europe  and  the world  at large. General Ratko Mladic was arrested on that day. The global propaganda machine is making use of Mladic’s arrest  to set up a platform for subsequent anti-Russian moves…

Anna FILIMONOVA | 29.05.2011


They put others on trial, not to be tried themselves. On the arrest of General Mladic

The recent arrest of the Chief of the General Staff of the Republika Srpska Army, General Ratko Mladic, as well as preparations for his extradition to The Hague is another in the chain of events that are part of the on-going “mopping-up of History”… Ratko Mladic was the central figure in  the  Bosnian War. He is known of far beyond the Balkans. The Daily Telegraph has put him on the list of 30 prominent modern-day military leaders, adding in a comment that the officers who held talks with him saw him as a genius at tactics. The enemy feared him, while Serbs idolized him.

Elena PONOMAREVA | 29.05.2011


Obsolete Unwritten Convention

  'Obsolete unwritten convention’ – this is how the executive directors of the BRICS nations at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) board formulated the selection process of the head of one of the premier international bodies. The convention is that both the Bretton Woods structures – the IMF and the World Bank – created in the 1944 are headed by the leaders from the West. The rise of BRIC in the post-cold war era has shifted the global power of balance from west to east

Aurobinda MAHAPATRA | 28.05.2011


The Visegrad Bloc

The countries of the Visegrad Group (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) on the 12 th of May announced their intention to create a new military bloc, which by the year 2016 might turn into a full-fledged organization, part of its functions acquired from NATO. Starting from 2013 the Visegrad Group will be taking part in NATO-led Response Force military drills… Countries of the new military bloc stretch out form the Baltic coast to Romania`s borders…

Vladislav GULEVICH | 27.05.2011


Could Obama “betray” Israel?

The most striking statement in US President Barack Obama’s speech on “the Arab Spring” was his appeal to Israel to return to the borders of 1967, in other words to abandon control over the occupied Palestinian territories.  Some of the Republican senators immediately said that Obama’s proposal was “betrayal”…

Dmitriy SEDOV | 27.05.2011


In your Face!

Facebook transforms who you are, your likes, dislikes, beliefs and fantasies, all of it into a commodity that it alone owns, 600 million intimate profiles of people like you and me…

William BOWLES | 26.05.2011

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    Vyacheslav MIKHAILOV

Will Ankara Continue Its Gas Games behind Baku’s Back?

...If Ankara continues its game behind Baku’s back, forcing Azerbaijan to make concessions on gas contracts previously entered into, then Azerbaijan has an alternative. Two days before Erdogan’s visit to Ashgabat, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan announced the resumption of gas exports to Russia in 2015, which were suspended for technical reasons in August 2013. By strengthening its ties with Moscow, Baku will be able to successfully withstand increasing pressure from Turkey on the issue of gas.

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