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Netanyahu offered no ‘viable alternative’ to Iran nuclear deal - Obama...

UN envoy arrives in Syria's Aleppo to negotiate temporary truce...

Kyrgyz forces detain female extremist group...

Donetsk Militia Continues Mobilization to Boost Defense Capability...

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Tehran plans no concessions to US at talks on nuclear program - foreign minister...

Donetsk, Luhansk Agree to Permanent OSCE Monitoring at Ten Hotspots...

Nine Dead in Latest Afghanistan Suicide Attack...

Iranian general ‘coordinates’ massive Iraqi assault on ISIS stronghold in Tikrit...

Lethal Aid to Ukraine to ‘Bolster Their Morale’...

US Pledges to Protect Vetted Syrian Opposition...

US Urges EU to Refrain From Business With Moscow Amid Russia-Cyprus Deals...

Moscow says NATO is not enemy, but its activity at Russian borders creates security threat...

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Articles 09.2009

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Modern freemasonry: view from Latin America

"CIA, Mossad, Mi6 and other agencies have been using the Order to collect data, launch propaganda and enlisting campaigns. As a rule, the leading international organizations also comprise members of the masonic lodges who are thoroughly protected..."

News | 30.09.2009


Talking of “Paranoid” Russia with a Charming Smile

In reality US President Barak Obama, the initiator of resetting the relations with Russia, is not that different from his narrow-minded predecessor G. Bush who, while endlessly convincing Russia of his friendliness, reanimated R. Reagan's concept of star wars, scrapped the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and planted US military bases around Russia everywhere from the Baltic region to Central Asia..."

News | 26.09.2009


The Mouse and the Elephant

"Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once described Canada’s proximity to the United States as the Mouse sleeping with the Elephant and he was right... When all is said and done, the mouse has no choice but to suffer the elephant’s restlessness and tactlessness..."

News | 22.09.2009


Joe Biden: the titan or the dwarf on the president Obama’s foreign policy team?

All signals coming out of the White House indicate that Obama is going to use Biden as his right-hand man in the major political battles, be it Iraq, Afghanistan or, say, health-care reform. Granted, Biden’s opinion on every policy decision, including U.S.-Russia relations, will be taken into account, but for as long as these relations don’t enter a state of crisis (and let’s hope this won’t happen), Biden’s participation will be minimal at best.

News | 17.09.2009


Chinese socialism: general truth and peculiarities

"Economic growth can be named as a major outcome of the sixty years of existence of the People's Republic of China. Thanks to China the notion of 'modernization' has gained popularity worldwide..."

News | 16.09.2009


The Caspian Web of Problems in the Way of Nabucco

"The Nabucco project is running into new roadblocks which make the outlook for it dire... T he conflicts over the overall status of the Caspian Sea and the ownership of the Caspian oil and gas fields makes it less likely that Nabucco will ever be realized but boosts the chances of the Caspian pipeline project promoted by Moscow ..."

News | 14.09.2009


Serbia: dismemberment of the country, consolidation of Islamism

"While the Serbian leaders are making persistent efforts to push through the country’s regionalization plan, that’s been imposed by the European Union and that ignores Serbia’s historical and cultural realities, an altogether different scenario is being implemented in the region consistently and steadily. Radical Islamists are modelling a future fundamentalist state for Serbia under the guise of creating “Euro-regions” in Serbia"

News | 11.09.2009


Japan’s Defeat in the Second World War as Russia’s Foreign Policy Argument

"...It was the Yukio Hatoyama-led Democratic Party that initiated this summer the adoption of the latest amendments to Japan’s 1982 law “On special moves to help settle the problem of Northern Territories”. The idea underlying the amendments is the unilateral proclamation of Southern Kuril Islands as Japan’s “original part”... Moscow should have long since reacted more energetically to this kind of verbal attacks, since these are direct territorial claims to Russia, not even veiled by usual diplomatic rhetoric. The Japanese should be reminded on a permanent basis of the actual history of the Second World War..."

News | 08.09.2009


A Relationship not Prone to Conjuncture and Change of Political Seasons

"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the occasion of the visit of his Indian counterpart Pratibha Patil to Russia in the first week of September 2009 observed that “special strategic relations of partnership between Russia and India… are not prone to conjuncture and change of political seasons”... Besides the energy sector some other areas identified during the visit were the nuclear technology and defence. It can be mentioned Russia played an important role in waiving the Nuclear Suppliers Group restrictions against India to become a part of nuclear energy club..."

News | 05.09.2009


US Objectives in Afghanistan

The US has deployed 19 military bases in Afghanistan and Central Asian countries since the war began in October, 2001. These bases function autonomously from the surrounding space, are networked by airlifts, and get supplies from outside of Afghanistan, also mostly by air. The system of bases makes it possible for the US to exert military pressure on Russia, China, and Iran... The US does not need a final victory over the Talibs. Despite their widely advertized ferocious conflict, the US and the Talibs manage to coexist quite successfully in Afghanistan..."

News | 03.09.2009

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Washington Yanks British Bulldog into Line

In a brazen show of bringing-to-heel in their «special relationship», American political and Pentagon chiefs are openly rebuking the British government to maintain its huge military spend on the NATO alliance – to the possible detriment of already withering public services in austerity-clobbered Britain. The imposition by Washington raises serious questions about the nature of democracy in Britain – the self-proclaimed «Mother of all Parliaments»...

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