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Ibtaa and Dael surrender to the government in Daara, Syria...

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US Treasury Reports Record Number of Renunciations of Citizenship...

Ryabkov: Washington Is Preparing A "Global Strike"...

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Articles 08.2009

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The Soviet Union and the surrender of Japan

High-ranking officials of the Allied Powers and the defeated Land of the Rising Sun signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on board the US battleship Missouri in the Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. This put an end to the Second World War in the Pacific and elsewhere. Peace had finally come, but some questions remained unanswered... Perhaps, the more important question is: was it the US Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the Soviet Union’s entering into war with Japan that played the decisive role in making the decision to surrender?.."

News | 31.08.2009


World War II: made in Versailles

"The Second World War broke out on the day when the First World War officially ended, when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on the 28th of June 1919. When reading oneself into the clauses of that particular treaty and of other “peace treaties”, one can see the scenario for all future European conflicts. If... the winners had imposed a different sort of peace on Germany, the world would have stood by far a slimmer chance of another war in Europe. But the Treaty of Versailles... gave no chance to peaceful development..."

News | 29.08.2009


Austria’s perception of World War II: Weak memory of the outward aggression

"The reason behind the rise of the fascist German Reich was to expand militarily and by this to overcome the economic problems of the late 1920s and the political und military restrictions coming out from the Paris peace treaty in 1919. The attack on Poland and the war against the East aimed at taking over the main economic enterprises and branches in Eastern Europe. Coal and steel in Upper Silesia, oil in Romania and agricultural products in Ukraine etc. pp. were the reasons to expand German territory und to increase the “Lebensraum” (living space) for the German people..."

News | 28.08.2009


Serbian Administration Betraying Karadzic?

"The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia is bracing for the key trial in its history – the hearings for the case of former president of the Republic of Serbian Krajina R. Karadjic are due to open in September... Judging by the information which has leaked from the Tribunal, quite a few international scandals are going to erupt during the trial of Karadzic. In his laconic interviews he says there are documents at his disposal unveiling the international mechanism behind the disintegration of Yugoslavia..."

News | 27.08.2009


Stalin. Hitler… Shcherbak

"How would you call a person who makes use of the property that is of criminal origin, or so he says? What’s more, he shouts the thief’s name from the housetops, takes the stand and yet will not surrender that property? The comparison has been suggested by the news media coverage of a more tragic event in human history, the Second World War..."

News | 23.08.2009


World War II: the Things the West Is Failing To Grasp

"It is indicative that Hermann Göring and Chamberlain were to meet in London on August 23, and the meeting was canceled only due to Ribentrop's arrival to Moscow. Without signing the Non-aggression Pact with Germany the USSR would have been confronted with the threat of having to fight parallel wars in the west and in the east... The solution made by Stalin 70 years ago – in August, 1939 – under the extremely challenging circumstances was absolutely right from the standpoint of the national interests of the USSR, both diplomatically and strategically..."

News | 21.08.2009


Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: Pro et Contra

"The treaty on non-aggression known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed by the Soviet Russia and Germany in the Kremlin, Moscow in the early morning of August 24, 1939... The USSR sphere of interests encompassed Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the east of Poland (West Belarus and West Ukraine), and Bessarabia, namely the territories of the former Russian Empire which were extracted from it in the framework of the Treaty of Versailles or directly annexed by other countries..."

News | 19.08.2009


The USSR: to Pay in Kind for the Munich Deal

"The world was facing an array of new threats by the early 1939 as the military disaster which began in the early 1930ies continued to spread... The pivotal point was passed when the aggressive dictatorial regimes of Germany and Italy and the Western democracies jointly perpetrated an act of violence against Czechoslovakia... The Munich Agreement momentarily destroyed the carcass of the European collective security system..."

News | 17.08.2009


London and Berlin Plotted Second “Munich Agreement”

"While trying to identify the guilty of the WW II, historians have always paid attention to the Anglo-Saxon financiers and politicians since their policies had appeased Adolf Hitler and only encouraged the Fascist Germany to go further with expansion... And since England did not want to treat the Soviet Union as an equal partner within a suggested coalition against potential aggressors, in August of 1939 Moscow decided to establish cooperation with Germany..."

News | 15.08.2009


When an Elite Degenerates into a Clique...

"Corrupting the elites of geopolitical opponents is an instrument routinely used in international politics. The US and the cosmopolitan forces currently taking over its global hegemony – the cast of informational and financial tycoons not rooted in any of the world's countries - are true masters of the craft. Corrupting and mind-controlling the Soviet elite contributed more than anything else to the triumph of the West over the USSR in the Cold War..."

News | 13.08.2009

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Russia, Austria to Expand Gas Cooperation

Despite the European Commission’s stern warnings, Russia’s share of European energy market will grow in the coming years. According to Bloomberg’s experts, gas exports to Turkey and the EU have reached 162.6 billion cubic meters (5.7 trillion cubic feet) this year, up from about 159 billion in 2015 and 161.5 billion (then record high) in 2013...

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